30th October 2010 - Marvelous Change

Glad to announce that I will be at Ipoh on 30th October 2010 Saturday night to share and lead worship at SPYF/Route 328 event called Marvelous Change.

If you happen to be around, do join us for a great time. Bring your friends along!!

Check the FB event link for more info

See you at Ipoh =)
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THIS ROAD journeys on..


It’s been a year since the journey has begun. It’s been a year since THIS ROAD has open up to the world..

Ever since THIS ROAD has been launched, I have brought my music to everywhere that I can, particularly to both sides of Malaysia (west and east). I m also glad the album has able to head worldwide as well via online sites and also through supportive friends who were in overseas.

I have been on the road to promote THIS ROAD (sounds ironic, does it?) to share my music and the message of hope and love to people. I believe very much that many hearts were touched and blessed and so do myself and my crew as well when we go around for tours.

A year on, I apologize there is no major celebration and specials to accommodate the occasion. I m sorry if anyone expecting me to do so but I settled for some simple thank yous...

Firstly and most importantly, I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity to do something for Him...using my gifts and talents to glorify His name. He is the main reason behind this dream, this journey, this album.. He has always been the heartbeat of all the journey and music..

Besides, not forgetting my family members for such unconditional support. And individuals like Jonathan Tse, Rev Lin Khee Vun, Rev Tan Chor Kee, both Anglican bishops (Bishop Ng and Bishop Vun), people from Faith Christian Centre, St Peter’s Church Ipoh, All Saints’ Cathedral KK, UTAR CF Kampar, Faith Music and many others – you all have been an amazing encouragement in this album journey so far.

For everyone else, I am encouraged too by your support in one way or another. Each of your support makes the journey worthwhile.

And the TL crew/entourage who are part of this journey, I enjoyed every minute with you guys. You guys just rock. From musicians to even just drivers.

THIS ROAD will journey on and on. Do continue to pray for me in this and do continue spread the love around via my websites. Of course, few more tours on the way and more exciting stuff coming up which I hope I able to reveal when time is right.

Nothing much more I can say.. that is THANK YOU ALL!

Much love.

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