Tonight (LIVE at Frontera)

Here's another recorded footage of my recent performance, thanks to photaigraphy.

I will be at Barlai on next Thursday. Sorry, not today. Oopsies. Yes, now that you know, please come, would ya?

Stay tuned in this page (or FB) for latest update.

Cheers, happy THURSDAY yo!

PS : checkout Open Mic Malaysia for the best coverage on open mics around Malaysia #openmicMY
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First ‪#‎LaFrontera‬ was fun with many acts on the night. The fun continues next week, same time, same venue, so we are gonna keep taco about it!

If you want to be part of it, go check Open Mic Malaysia for details and register your interest if you would love to perform next Tuesday.

Taco about fun wei.. Haha.. Ok, taco puns are fun too.. Cheers. Thanks for the support and live views on the fb page.

Special mention to my fiancée for getting the video live. More pics are at Open Mic Malaysia as well, courtesy of Ian Tai.

‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬ ‪#‎openmicMY‬
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Good Good Father (cover)

Here's the cover!

Father's Day is always a special day to remember the hardwork and sacrifices which fathers make for their family. It's also a wonderful reminder on what a wonderful Father we have in heaven. Loving and kind despite the shortcomings we may have.

May this song reminds us the Fatherly love which we can be thankful for. =)

This song goes out to all fathers and fatherly figures like my dad.

Special mention to Lemuel Chung, Wong Wai Yee and Mickey Liau for partnering in this cover.

Enjoy this cover, share it if you must!

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Video by Kakiseni LIVE

Well, it's nice to know that my performance at Merdekarya recently got recorded by the people of Kakiseni.

Here's the links :-

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A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
On eve of my birthday, i read a really heartbreaking news that Christina Grimme passed away. Never has a celebrity death like hers hit me hard. The fact that it happened while she is doing what she loves and passionate about makes me wonder how can such tragedy happened. Yet again, it's a reminder that life can be unpredictable.

Before I slept, I listened to her cover of "in Christ alone". This paragraph always hits me because it just sums up what life in God is all about :-

"No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From life's first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand"

That song again reminds me of the hope that I stand on. The hope only God can give.
Waking up on Sunday reminds me that I am privileged to do what God has given to me. That I am able to breathe life and live each day given to me by God. That I can experience hope and peace only God can give.

While we count our blessings from God, let's make our life count as well.

Anyway, thank you all for your birthday wishes and simple gestures like messages and meals. It means a lot to me and it's nice to be reminded how wonderful it is to know all of you.

Cheers and much love
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June has arrived!!

June has arrived!

Time flies (well, nothing to do with clocks being thrown out of the window) and here we are at mid-point of the year. It's my favourite month and definitely there's a lot to look forward to, not just this month but months and years to come.

By the way, 14th June and 30th June, i will be out performing. One at Merdekarya and one at Barlai. There's more to come so stay tuned for more info. Yea, just when I was about click "send" for this post, another invitation flew in, which i will update again once more details are given. Haha.

Yup, the updates will always be at my fb music page. Meanwhile, enjoy the life that you have been given. Treasure each moment 😉‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬
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