2013 thank you note

I am sitting down in front of my computer, browsing all my pictures in 2013, reflecting the year..

Especially for myself as a songwriter and singer.. man.. it's has been one incredible journey.

Playing in simple gigs to the grandest of stage. Really thank God for every opportunity.

And I must say I enjoy the tours and gigs this year. Tawau, Sandakan, Ipoh, Kuching. Sol Frontera and Merdekarya worth a mention to. There were few more including Campus gigs with Change Your World.

Whether a crowd of 5 to 1000.. whether it's in school, church, pubs or massive hall.. my heart each time i go onstage is to give my best and hope the songs will touch the lives of the people.

I going to admit that I am never ashamed of my passion and my faith. That's me. And that's what has been fueling my life so far. To see music touching lives.

I really want to thank everyone of you for the tremendous support over 2013. Your love and support means a lot to me. I can't stressed that really enough. Thank you all for encouraging me (online or personally), coming to my gigs/shows, buying my CD, sharing my songs via youtube or soundcloud.

Special mention to the band : Yapp, Gracy and Ah Seng. I will miss you guys and I must say I enjoy every jamming session and touring time with you all. We will do more once I am back. Thank you for sticking together, thank you for your time, thank you for agreeing to journey this together. I will never forget how Yapp's noddle biting attempt on Ah Seng in Kuching. That itself will forever live in my memory. hahaha.

As some of you all know that I will be spending large part of 2014 at Kota Kinabalu to do my theological studies and also my worship ministry work there. At the same time, since I am at KK, I hope I able to enjoy the music scene in East Malaysia as much as I have here at West. So.. yea.. looking forward to my journey there.

Anyway, I am excited to step in 2014 with courage and boldness. I pray and hope for the same for all of you.

Keep rocking. Much love.
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2013 according to Instagram


how's your 2013 been? Thanks to Instagram, I get to basically re-live some moments.

Post by Tim Lim.
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More MGM KL reviews

Thought of sharing 2 reviews that is about the MGM KL concert recently

First on Christianity Malaysia. Go check it out :D

And also Ps Wah Lok's own review here on FB.

Anyway, still really grateful that I am able to be part of an awesome concert :)
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[free download]

happy 111213!! 

Christmas is around the corner and 2013 has been awesome year.....

to say thank you to all of you, please download this song for FREE! 

Yes i just said it. FREE!! 

Click this link, look for the download button and enjoy this song over and over again at your own comfort.

Have a great day, night, week, month.. whatever time you see this 

Much love.

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post-MGM night


it's truly an honour and experience to be part of MGM concert.

Honoured to be involved in this night. I am encouraged and honoured to be standing with so many talented singers, musicians and songwriters on this stage. Was reminded of God's faithfulness upon my life, believing that the best is yet to come. All glory to Him!

Thank You God for everything.

Thank you ps Wah Lok for inviting me. Thank you my fellow singers-songwriters for honouring God with your God-given talents and your humble encouragement.

Thank you friends who came to support. Thank you everyone for your support from afar.

Much love.
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