Horsie year!

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Hope you have a blast.

Anyway, past few days have been busy for me as I am busy preparing and packing. Some of you might know that I will be based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a year plus, after CNY.

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the love and support throughout my time here at KL. I will be back in future, as the Lord leads. Anyway, take care and God bless!
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livegigcam #2 @ Sol Frontera Wednesday Open Stage #11

As promised, here is the footage of my live performance at Sol Frontera few months ago.

Covering Coldplay's Yellow.

Yes, I am starting this series on my youtube called livegigcam.

Hope you enjoyed it! I love challenging myself doing some live covers. Glad able to pull this off.
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soundcloud promo

if you have soundcloud account, you can follow me. 
if you need some songs to stream, you can click this.
there's some free download songs too. so.. what you are waiting for?

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Pisco Bar

Had a great time performing at Pisco Bar. Great experience. Sang 5 songs, including a John Mayer song.

Met the manager who got me this gig, pretty amazed how he got my contact and he loves my music. Wow.

It's my last gig here before i spend a year at KK. Of course, I will be back in future but gonna miss performing at KL. Anyway, i am looking forward to explore the KK music scene as well.

So, be in touch with my music journey here.
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Pisco Bar on 15th Jan

Having a blast so far?

If you are making plans for coming few days, here's a suggestion...

Coming Wednesday 15th January, I will be one of the performers at Pisco Bar. Will be performing around 930pm onwards..

Here's the FB event link :-

so come around will ya? =)
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song dedication to my siblings


Since it was my bro David's birthday recently and my youngest brother Daniel did a cover of Lego House (watch it here :-http://youtu.be/7n1whgkl5Ts) .. time to do something..

YES.. it's time that the big brother respond with a version of its own..

Well.. it's all fun sake. Really.

Anyway, we all are big fans of Ed Sheeran. Amazing singer-songwriter.

If you think I should do more covers "properly".. uh.. let me know! >.<
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Wednesday Open Stage #13

First gig of 2014.

Always enjoy performing here.

More pictures at FB
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