bye 2011//hello 2012

What a year it has been so far, 2011...

First, I must thank God for everything so far. Without Him, I don't think all my solo projects will be taking off. I believe in His leading and His timing. I believe He has greater plans than even myself can imagine. So looking forward to see what You have, boss-from-above.

This year it's has been an incredible journey. Been to places (although visited Ipoh very often =P) and met awesome people along the way. I just want to express my utmost appreciation to everyone who came to my concerts, had fellowship with us, helped us, prayed for us, bought my album. You never know much your support and presence mean to me and the crew. We are truly blessed by you all.

I also want to express my thanks to crew especially the band members who toured with me. Thanks for the support, help, time and sacrifice. I truly enjoyed our time together. Hope for more fun times ahead!

Not forgetting, I want to express my appreciation to my parents, Jonathan Tse, Rev Chor Kee for all your advice and support as well.

Well, I believe the journey gets better year after year!!
So stay tuned for 2012.. all I can say right now, 2nd coming is inevitable!

**You can read all about our 2011 highlights on the right side of the page**

Hello 2012. See you all there.

Much love
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born is the King


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Shine Like Stars // 20th Aug 2011 // shine away!


Was looking through some pictures and videos recently, realized I miss this video out.

This taken during Shine Like Stars in FCC in August 2011.

We did this cool thing --- switching on our handphones(or whatever cool gadget) lights to symbolized that we are called to shine like stars in the night..

And the song we sung here.. just classic stuff...

Still.. we want to shine for HIM! =)
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