sorry for the overdue pictures! :P

Me and the team were at KK on 7-9th Sept weekend, we had a lovely time there with some of our favourite KK peeps. Again, thanks for the wonderful times!

Check it out at FB :- 
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CYW school gig at Sri Sempurna

This is my second Change Your World school gig and the school we visited this time around was Sri Sempurna at Cheras.

Wasn't alone this time, as my friends of RELENT are together in spreading positive message to the world.

Did a few songs and it's a lovely school with lovely people.

Looking forward to more CYW gigs.

And yes, in case you need to know, I am part of the crew as a creative ambassador. Yup :)
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A night of worship & prayer at FCC


This Sunday, FCC gonna host a team of BM speaking worship team from Sandakan and I will be opening the night with a few songs of my own.

Come experience a night of worship!

Albums will be on sell too that night, including yours truly and the BM album.

Be there! =D
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TODAY (live from 2nd album launch)


Here is another footage from my 2nd album launch.. singing one of my favourite(and apparently a lot of people's favourite too) TODAY live.

ENJOY! feel free to share it around!! =D
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CYW school gig

Did an interesting gig under the banner of Change Your World.
Yes, read about them!

Why it is interesting because we do out of the ordinary gigs and this we called School Gig.

Anyway, was asked to follow the CYW crew and we were at SMK Bintang Utara Cheras. Sang a few songs, some mine and some covers. Did 1 Direction and Justin Bieber covers and they loved it.

Am honoured to be there as part of a movement to create awareness about social injustice especially modern slavery. I believe Kelvin (director of CYW) did well to convey that message to the children there.. hope their lives were impacted.

All in all, fun experience, hopefully there's more gigs under CYW to come!

More pics on CYW FB
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