TL vidlog - Just June-ful updates..


This is quite a random video because I was chilling in the office with Sam Vun and he wanted to test his newly bought camera. So what better way to test the new camera by randomly record some updates... hahaha...

To recap the video, June will pretty much busy month but exciting one nevertheless...

Firstly, yes will be off to KK for recording with Jonathan Tse for new project, new album =)

Next I will be at Sabh DEYC 2011, then back to KL attending friend's wedding -- singing in it as well(although didnt mentioned it here :P)

And yes, officially announcing that on 25th June will be at Ipoh to be at INFUSE night.

Hope to see you all around. God bless =)

Video credit :- Sam Vun of Nosensei Productions
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May-be schedule

Yea.. because some are confirmed and some are not... hahaha..

Month of May - my highlight is I would be my church's family camp.

By project-wise, I will head back to studio for new project recording. Yes, I scheduled to be at Jonathan Tse's Refuge Studio around June, which subsequently I will be the Sabah Diocese's Youth Camp.

Would be heading back to Ipoh for another gig and one CF nearby KL -- all this are not officially confirmed but will see how!

So..stay tuned for official announcement and updates!

At the mean time, did this simple cover for a childhood friend who is going to US soon with her husband..

We grew up listening to BSB and when BSB last came to Malaysia for concert, we and a bunch of friends went together to witness it. hahaha. Well, this BSB song is dedicated to her and hope she and hubby will have a great life ahead.

Alright, may May be may-velous for you all!
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FCC Easter 2011 - He's Alive


This is a recorded footage of what happen on Easter this year 2011 at FCC.

On Easter Sunrise service, we did a new song which was self-composed by one of our worship team member...yes...the main credit goes to Lo Shi Seng who compose this song.

The song is titled "He's Alive" -- a celebration cry that Jesus is alive which we all can rejoice and be glad on the fact that we are victorious!

Hope you all will enjoy this song.. I personally enjoyed doing this song especially songs that are self-written and composed. It is always fun to do such songs because you have a sense of joy and ownership to sing your own praise song to God.

And if you interested to know about FCC, you can check us at :D

(video credit: Zermi Ng)
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