#flashbackfriday to Groundeatery gig


#flashbackfriday to last week's Groundeatery gig with these champions RELENT and Kent Sim. Fun night and thank you Shirley for the opportunity to share some Christmas joy to the community 😊
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thank you 2016

2017 is around the corner. Here's a super #throwbackthursday on timlimproject's 2016 gigs journey.

 One of my 2016 resolution is to get this music/gig train running again after some quiet time in KK. I set out to do it, with a prayerful heart. Looking back, I am grateful to God for His grace in fulfilling that resolution.

There were lots of memorable moments and I am thankful for it. I am grateful for all the friends I made throughout this journey. They are wonderful and their love for music inspires me to be better.

2017 is going to be awesome. I just can feel it. Anyway, please follow Tim Lim for the updates. There's ideas waiting to be shared, time will tell what it is all about.

A huge thanks for all the support and love. Cheers and much love.
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Merry Christmas 2016

A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
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groundeatery gig


A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on

A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on

A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
I am blessed by what happened today and grateful to do this with @groundeatery.shirley, @tneksim and @relentband. Their talents encouraged me a lot. Thanks for the opportunity to partner in this, love your hearts yo!

Looking forward to exciting Christmas especially Luminous at @ilovefcc !! Woots!! 
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Christmas gigs


Come join me, @tneksim and @relentband in bringing some Christmas cheer in @groundeatery! Come for great food and music!! More details, please checkout their fb page.. so see you there!!

A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on

Another interesting thing happening on this Saturday during Luminous event.

From 8pm onwards in the main hall, there will be "lights and music" event. Besides enjoying the wonderful light decorations and Christmas feel, there are some live music happening as well. I will be singing some songs with these two talented girls @gracepang16 and @loqiai performing as well. I will be at the start and the end of the show, then Rebecca taking 930pm slot while Grace is singing from 1030pm. So, come hear us singing live while the light show going on. 

A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
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TheSpeak in Dec

Had a fun time at #SpeakFreely.

Hearing people humming along to the songs really made the atmosphere awesome. The rest of the performers were awesome too.

Thanks Shaneil for the slot and loaning me the guitar when my own had some hiccups. The gig tonight really inspired me as a singer-songwriter

Next gig : 23rd Dec at groundeatery!

See you there and check my fb page for more details or the hashtag #timlimproject
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Gig train resumes...

Getting the gig train back on track again at Frontera. First gig after wedding!!

Sang some carols..yup.. fits the whole Christmas feel in the picture..

Next stop : SpeakFreely on Monday. It's public holiday, so dropby la!
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December gigs!



I am back on the gig circuit and it's going be a fun month to cap off the year. Taco Tuesday on the 6th and among the featured acts on 12th. Closer to Christmas, I will be performing at Groundeatery with my fellow #heartcore family, Kent Sim and RELENT to spread some Christmas joy. Christmas eve will be a massive event with FCC, an event like no other where you have food, fun, music and message, all in the spirit of Christmas. 

Yea, those are the main course for December gigs. I personally would want YOU to be at these events. Let's have fun and catch-up. Like seriously. It's Christmas so there's no better way to do this! =)
There might be minor appearance in here and there (well, since it's Christmas) so you need to stay tuned to my Facebook page for the updates.

so.. see you at these events ya!!

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#timmydrey day

What a day it has been. The "thank you" list is gonna be super long. yea.

thank you to our family members (both sides) whom have been amazing in helping us to be prepared for today.

thank you worship team for serving with excellence. I can never be any prouder of you all.

thank you Victor Lee and the usher team. every single one of you. you guys are the best ushers any church would be proud of.

HueyYeu Chin whom we entrusted with the responsibility in making sure everything runs smoothly. She served with a lot of heart and deserves a lot of credit.

Kitt Chong and Caroline Lee whom have been very helpful to Audrey in getting everything done as well.

Thank you to those who helped us in making sure every details of the wedding in looking into. Like friends and staff team.

Thank you to the best men and bridesmaid for helping both of us to feel at ease throughout the day.

A huge thank you to everyone for attending and making our wedding day beautiful. Audrey and I have been looking through all the pictures that being uploaded on social media and we both totally love what we saw. All of them are beautiful and we are very happy that you all are able to celebrate this memorable day together with us.

I am sorry if we didn't have much time to catchup with some of you all but thank you for coming all the way to attend the wedding. We would love to catch-up with you more someday.

Thank you also for some of your messages on social media. Thank you for your wishes and love shown.

Most of all, thank You God for everything. All glory to You!

Alright, see you soon Ipoh and KK peeps.

Much love from mr and mrs Lim.
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singer-songwriters night @ ATAS

Thanks ATAS for the platform last night and it was nice to make new friends especially with my fellow performers.

A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
Will be back on gig circuit in December so stay tuned to my fb music page for the details.

Meanwhile, wedding date is getting closer!
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A super huge shoutout to my good buddies RELENT for the release of the new album

Love the new songs!! I have been looping the album over and over again. Apart from "wisdom" and "good viberations", I love "satisfied" and "what love is"

My friends reading this, you gotta have their album!!

And RELENT, you all will always have my support and love. Keep the songs coming yo!
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Good Vibrations -- RELENT


RELENT's new MV is out!! Love this song, the moment they let me hear it. That strokes me to be excited for their new album.

Enjoy the MV, featuring the guys themselves with a host of local artist... spot them!!

If you spot something, do let me know! =P

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Barlai 27th October featured act


Last night's story. Had a wonderful time there. Thank you for coming to my featured act at Barlai.

Thank you all for the love shown at the venue and social media. Thank you @gracepang16 and @dchin95 being part of the night as well. Thanks @shaneildevaser for being a wonderful host.

Cheers and much love! #openmicMY #timlimproject #malaysianmusic

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Frontera #9

It was fun hanging out with my fellow performers today at Frontera.

Yes, i did a BsB cover. Was trying it out today and you could hear it again in next gig. Sorry no live video though because we are lazy and most songs I been doing have been pretty much the same as every live video I did. So yea. haha.

That being said, yes, next gig will be next week on Thursday 27th October at Barlai. I am the featured act that night so i will be singing for 1 hour (i think). It's something you cannot miss.. seeing me singing that long.. yup.. so mark your calendars yo..

Meanwhile, will update you all about Nov-dec gigs as time comes so stay tuned to my fb page (www.facebook.com/timlimproject)

Cheers to all who came and made the night awesome. Even though some fella decides to do fogging at night when everyone is still having business. Crazy fella.

PS : I'm loving the taco tuesday here.
#openmicMY #timlimproject #malaysianmusic #supportlocalartists

Pic credit 📸: shaneil devaser
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SpeakFree #3

Had a great time performing there and meeting my fellow indie acts.

And oh, the food was awesome too!

One of my latest, off from Online EP. Usual set.

one of my newer songs that I wrote recently : -- More than this.

I am not sure if or when I am gonna record this song, but do feedback if you loved it.. probably I will consider this song for next album? hahaha.. yup.. get involved yo...

And one of the songs that I been covering lately..

Next gig : Frontera on next Tuesday 18th October. SEE YA THERE!
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October gigs update

3 main highlights though :

SpeakFreely open mic #3 on October 10th and Frontera on 18th with many awesome indie performers. So come and hear us out.

Then on 27th October, I will be the featured act on the revamped Barlai venue gig called Barlai Indie Galore (or simply called B.I.G which is a clever reference to the Barlai's mother company)

I could do a few new songs that I wrote lately and would love you all to hear it live so I can gather some feedback! Of course, perhaps some new covers to do.. along with the usual setlist that includes a few fan-favourite songs.

So come hangout at this places. Mark these dates at your calendar and come! These places have wonderful F&B too. I will be bringing some of my albums to sell (or giveaway if you are nice to me)

Exciting things are ahead. All warmup towards 2017 -- ya, especially when I am getting married soon. Hahaha. Cheers.

But all in all, can't wait to share more about what's ahead. However, when the time comes, you will know.
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we're alright

Recently I went to their MV launch and have listened to their song already. To be honest and not being bias, I am loving this track.

Wonderful stuff from one of local music's best.

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Open mic de la Frontera #7


The night really fun today. Crazy crowd.

Anyway, I deleted the live videos on my profile because the quality was bad. I apologize for that. Well, that's why seeing live is much better =)

Thanks for the feedback on the new song that I rolled out tonight. Will try a few more. Hopefully, with all the gathered feedback, I guess we can look forward to making them reality, into a new album? Time will tell.

Till next gig.
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#fccgoesheartcore on Christianity Malaysia website


I was briefly mentioned on a local Christian website. Ok, largely the article is about what's heartcore is all about. I am so honoured to be part of something that is bigger than myself.

Meanwhile, free advertisement for Faith Christian Centre since all the pictures taken from the recent #fccgoesheartcore event. And one of the songs performed that night is riding high on Hitz.fm

All glory to God, greater things are yet to come


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SpeakFreely open mic #1

Another wonderful experience and crowd here. Thanks for the love and support shown, in person or 'live' on social media.

For the videos :


Next stop : Frontera (20th September)

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THIS ROAD. 7th anniversary

7. Seven.

It's an auspicious number to many.

Today, 7 years ago, THIS ROAD was released.

Some throwback posts you can click : Facts, pictures from the launch, songlist

THIS ROAD was a reflection of my life journey prior to its release. The inspiration behind the name THIS ROAD actually came from Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" poem. Why I love that poem is that it reflects the decision we make in our life. 

The songs basically reflect the album name itself. It was really a step unto the unknown and a lot of people think I was crazy to produce an album. 7 years on, I learnt a lot and I feel there's so much to learn as singer-songwriter, musician and a child of God. 

Today, as I look back, again I am thankful for all the support and experience shown.

Looking ahead, while there's opportunities and life, I determined to do my best. There are moments where I feel like giving up but somehow I am still thriving. 

A lot have asked about 3rd album. I can't say when but again, it's down to God's timing. I am writing new materials now and I am excited about it. But let's see how this goes from here. 

Once again, thank you all. I believe there's better things ahead for all of us =)

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THIS ROAD's 7th anniversary eve's thoughts

Nearly 7 years ago, I took some pictures there for my first album and I remembered that time it was just an empty abandoned building. Recently, I read that it became a cafe so I went to have a look.

Quite interesting and was amazed how they turned the place into something wonderful.

Looking how this place went from hopelessness to a place full of vibrancy brings me to the thought that God will make things beautiful and new in His timing.

On the eve of my 7th anniversary of THIS ROAD launch, through what I saw, I thought that is a nice reminder 😊
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just a #heartcore testimony

I thought I want to share this testimony. A testimony to show of God's grace and glory.

I guess a lot of people's impression that I came out with this awesome pun concert name called Heartcore. hahaha. Sorry it wasn't me but well, read about the story here about it means actually..

In a nutshell, Heartcore is all about our hearts being centered on God, coming back to heart in serving and worship. So it's appropriate that this concert, the heart of it is God Himself.

To organize Heartcore in FCC is not easy. The details to look into was taxing. It's tiring, can't stress that more, when some people give unnecessary stress on details. I know a lot of people often say "this guy always love to do concert", truth is.. doing concert is not easy and I don't do it for the sake of doing it. To add to that, a lot of people have different views what a concert should be.. moreover, an "evangelistic concert".  But looking up to God is the remedy. Often, I trust God will move in ways that we cannot imagine.

One of the faint ideas I have prior to coming to KL is to explore doing a concert this year at FCC. I actually prayed about it. I've been going around with ideas like doing one on our own or get performers in (something like what I have done with RELENT over the years).

I actually heard and read about Heartcore tour, in fact Neil (of RELENT) shared with me about it. I love their idea and it's actually my dream (or vision) to be part of something big for God. I did roughly kept in touch with Jeff Kumar on Facebook and we've met up occasionally but it was my meeting with Darren Teh (An Honest Mistake singer who also plays bass in AOT) that changes everything.

We talked more about the Heartcore initiative and it is exactly what I love to be part of. Then immediately I sold that idea to my senior pastor who so happened to be at where we were discussing. Since then, ground work has been laid.

What I am trying to say is as I reflect back on what happened, I learn that when you commit your plans to God, when you seek Him then you go and work on it, God will open doors.

Another dream come true for me is to work together with AOT. I heard of them since I was young and they are the band that inspired me to go all out for God in music. I always hope to meet them someday, perhaps to collaborate on something.

It was this song that changed my view on music especially local Christian music. I have heard Christian hard rock albums before, especially from America (think Kutless, Relient K, Thousand foot krutch) but for something local like this, I feel that's something to take note of. And yes, I keep looping this song every now and then. Even today. CLASSIC =)

Many years on, here I am today with my own songs and albums with a purpose all out for God. All thanks to God's leading that we have the opportunity to meet and now, we are working together on this mission to use local Christian music to impact the nation here and beyond. We have been keeping in touch a lot lately because we are totally sold out on this mission and it's exciting to see how God is leading us towards that mission. Loving the fact I am part of something that is bigger than myself.

In summary, only God can make this radical dream come true and possible. Only GOD.

This whole experience can only inspire me to trust in God for open doors and a reminder that the best is yet to come.

I hope this inspires you as well to live and pursue God for your dreams, ambitions and hopes. It can be music, it can be arts, it can be a working field, it can be in an area or a mission field that God has planted in you.

I always love what C.S. Lewis said  — 'You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.'

A video posted by Kent Sim (@tneksim) on

Anyway, thanks all for being part of this awesome concert. The testimonies I hear so far have been encouraging. At the same time, I appreciate all the feedback that I have hear.

Thanks to all the acts -- Army of Three, Relent, Joanne&Julia, South&the Lowlands and Kent Sim. Thanks cell leaders and ushers in doing the ground work. Thank you everyone who came, I believed you are blessed by what God is doing through everyone's gift -- be it music or the ushering.

To God be the glory. =')
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What an amazing night.

I am still buzzing from it.

Thank you to all the acts, everyone involved and those who came. All glory to GOD! =D

Pictures are at AoT's FB page

More awesome things are coming soon =)
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September and beyond

September is here so here is the plan for the month and beyond perhaps.
A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on

This Saturday is the massive #heartcore party. Taco Tuesday on those Frontera times. 9th September might be something special or just a low profile note. Or not. Haha. Other than that, perhaps a few occasional pop ups.

Beyond September, i will have another massive gig before the biggest gig of all time, my wedding. Probably some quiet time before bringing some Christmas cheer.

Pretty much that's the #timlimproject plan so far. I will see you at any of those plans mentioned above.

Much love to ya all!
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5 more days to HEARTCORE // FCC

Countdown to #heartcore concert!!

All the performers are excited! The concert is around the corner!!
Bring your friends along to this exciting event of music.

Details of the concert are at Heartcore // FCC. See you there!

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AOT's #heartcore shoutout


Say hi to these guys, Army of Three, on 3rd September at Heartcore // FCC concert!

Their songs have been rocking the nation especially on Hitz.fm's MET10 (now it's at 3rd position) so

I would say, you don't wanna miss their LIVE appearance on that night.

Share the event! Share the songs! share the good news yo!

See you there!

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MORCO open mic

Thanks Morco for allowing me to sing a few tunes

Different experience altogether, right in front of Sunway College.

And here I am.. with the greatest fan ever... hahaha...

Stay tuned for more gig updates!
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next gig : Morco

HEAR YE!! i mean.. read this..

This Thursday, I will bringing some tunes to the good people of Morco Coffee, which is facing Sunway college and same row with burgerlab. (and perhaps, some pokestops?)

It's a 40 minutes set.. so expecting some covers, originals, random things and little ‪#‎heartcore‬ promo?

I am excited to meet my fellow performers and everyone there. So yea, come la and have fun!
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Feedback Open Mic @ the Bee, Jaya One

Yes, if you missed it last night on my social media, I appeared in Feedback Open mic at the Bee, Jaya One.

Anyway, exciting gigs to be announced soon. Checkout www.facebook.com/timlimproject or my other social media account. 
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Open mic de la Frontera #4


Kicking off August with another appearance at familiar grounds of Sol Frontera.

Did a bit of co-hosting and yea.. had fun.

more to come on gigs so you need to check www.facebook.com/timlimproject for updates!
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4th anniversary of THE DAY AFTER


A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
It's been 4 years since my 2nd album was released. THE DAY AFTER is all about looking forward to hope and life ahead. It is a reflection of Matthew 6:36 -- "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Every year of the album release anniversary gives me an opportunity to reflect on the journey so far and being grateful for all the love shown. Cheers to you all, i hope the songs in this album will inspire you to live a life to the fullest. When i read back some testimonies, i am blessed and encouraged.

 I believe that greater things will come. I am not sure when it will happen but i will just trust God that He is preparing the best to those who trust in Him.

Again, cheers to all of you for your love for this 2nd album. ‪#‎timlimproject‬
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Open mic de la Frontera #2

Yet another night of fun. Quite a crowd that night, everyone had a good time there.

More pictures are here

Follow me on www.facebook.com/timlimproject for gig updates or other social platforms like Twitter and Snapchat.
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Barlai 30.6.2016

The featured act of the night. Glad to see so much support and love shown that night.

First time in my gig that people requested for a worship song and they specifically asked for "i could sing of your love forever".. So yea, i obliged.. Why not? Declaring God's love in the heart of KL
It was fun night all in all..

The pictures of the night are here and also here.

Thanks to Ian Tai for this simple lookback video as well.

Follow me on www.facebook.com/timlimproject for gig updates or other social platforms like Twitter and Snapchats.

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Tonight (LIVE at Frontera)

Here's another recorded footage of my recent performance, thanks to photaigraphy.

I will be at Barlai on next Thursday. Sorry, not today. Oopsies. Yes, now that you know, please come, would ya?

Stay tuned in this page (or FB) for latest update.

Cheers, happy THURSDAY yo!

PS : checkout Open Mic Malaysia for the best coverage on open mics around Malaysia #openmicMY
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First ‪#‎LaFrontera‬ was fun with many acts on the night. The fun continues next week, same time, same venue, so we are gonna keep taco about it!

If you want to be part of it, go check Open Mic Malaysia for details and register your interest if you would love to perform next Tuesday.

Taco about fun wei.. Haha.. Ok, taco puns are fun too.. Cheers. Thanks for the support and live views on the fb page.

Special mention to my fiancée for getting the video live. More pics are at Open Mic Malaysia as well, courtesy of Ian Tai.

‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬ ‪#‎openmicMY‬
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Good Good Father (cover)

Here's the cover!

Father's Day is always a special day to remember the hardwork and sacrifices which fathers make for their family. It's also a wonderful reminder on what a wonderful Father we have in heaven. Loving and kind despite the shortcomings we may have.

May this song reminds us the Fatherly love which we can be thankful for. =)

This song goes out to all fathers and fatherly figures like my dad.

Special mention to Lemuel Chung, Wong Wai Yee and Mickey Liau for partnering in this cover.

Enjoy this cover, share it if you must!

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Video by Kakiseni LIVE

Well, it's nice to know that my performance at Merdekarya recently got recorded by the people of Kakiseni.

Here's the links :-

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A photo posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
On eve of my birthday, i read a really heartbreaking news that Christina Grimme passed away. Never has a celebrity death like hers hit me hard. The fact that it happened while she is doing what she loves and passionate about makes me wonder how can such tragedy happened. Yet again, it's a reminder that life can be unpredictable.

Before I slept, I listened to her cover of "in Christ alone". This paragraph always hits me because it just sums up what life in God is all about :-

"No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From life's first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand"

That song again reminds me of the hope that I stand on. The hope only God can give.
Waking up on Sunday reminds me that I am privileged to do what God has given to me. That I am able to breathe life and live each day given to me by God. That I can experience hope and peace only God can give.

While we count our blessings from God, let's make our life count as well.

Anyway, thank you all for your birthday wishes and simple gestures like messages and meals. It means a lot to me and it's nice to be reminded how wonderful it is to know all of you.

Cheers and much love
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June has arrived!!

June has arrived!

Time flies (well, nothing to do with clocks being thrown out of the window) and here we are at mid-point of the year. It's my favourite month and definitely there's a lot to look forward to, not just this month but months and years to come.

By the way, 14th June and 30th June, i will be out performing. One at Merdekarya and one at Barlai. There's more to come so stay tuned for more info. Yea, just when I was about click "send" for this post, another invitation flew in, which i will update again once more details are given. Haha.

Yup, the updates will always be at my fb music page. Meanwhile, enjoy the life that you have been given. Treasure each moment 😉‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬
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Guitar case

My faithful guitar casing.

It was actually a "farewell present" to me by St Peter's Church Youth when i left Ipoh for studies in KL, close to 10 years ago. I admit at first, I didn't really appreciate it because it is bulky and heavy, to a point I didn't bring it with me to KL. But once I got my own guitar in 2009, this case has served me so well especially in protecting my guitar and have travelled with me to a lot of places (both massive or small gigs) despite being big.

So, never underestimate the power of gifts. You never know how much of a difference it can make.

I am not sure if i have said it before but thank you for this wonderful gift, peeps.

Meanwhile, i wanna thank you all for coming to my open mic gigs or seeing it live on fb. I will probably doing a few more in June and probably also have exciting stuff coming up. So, stay tuned....
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merdekarya open mic - 25/5

Finally, the fb live function worked...

Here's the video if you missed it..

Hopefully there's more to come in June and there's exciting things ahead as well.. so let's see...

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Last night was awesome. A big thank you to those who came and support!

A video posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on
tonight, I will be going to another open mic gig at Merdekarya, before the main act goes on stage.

So jom!!

Thanks Nathaniel Tang for this snapchat video despite being shaky. Well, after last night's tech glitch from the fb live function, probably this is one of the better videos for viewing. Lolz ‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬
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MAY gigs

Time to grab my guitar and head out for some gigs!

Yup, next week i will be performing at a few open mics and it would be lovely that you can dropby to enjoy some local music treasures.

Next Tuesday night, i will be performing at Italiannies empire shopping gallery around 9pm https://www.facebook.com/events/229690800721754/

While next day, I will be doing the same at Merdekarya as well. https://www.facebook.com/events/1561939607431724/

So, see you around aye!

Pic credit : ‪#‎loqiaiphotography‬
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Barlai #23


First open mic gig since i am back in KL. intimate setting so quite interesting to perform there. managed to meet some new people as well. Hope there's more to come so stay tuned ‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬

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I am recently new on Snapchat! Feel free to add me by searching for my Username: timlim12

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free posters giveaway

Most are still in good condition. Mostly posters during album launch. If interested, you can ask by PM me while stock last. Don't worry, i will sign on it as well. 

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Live your song


Always my inspiration. what a sharing. Thanks Jon Foreman.
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Happy chinese new year everyone!! Enjoy your festive season and be awesome always!!
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