Bono says...


That's why I am doing what I am doing... I love doing what I am doing

Pic credit : change your world FB
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tawau boyz


These guys opened the Tuesday night worship session that I led. Check out their dance moves..

Ladies and gentleman, I present you the Tawau Boyz...

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DEYC 2012 song list

I know a lot of people asking me about the songs I selected and used during DEYC. I thought it's easier I do it on blog and hope this can be helpful as much as possible.


Tuesday night session

Open up the gates (by planetshakers)
Your name high (by Hillsong United)
You are my strength when I am weak
Hosanna (by true worshippers)

Response :-
come holy spirit (by City Harvest)

closing songs :-
take it all (by Hillsong United)


Wednesday morning devotion :- I just want You (by planetshakers)


Wednesday morning session

You deserve (by Hillsong United)
Come to Jesus (by planetshakers)


Jesus Lover of my Soul was kinda spontaneous especially when you are led by the Holy Spirit :D

In terms if you need the songsheet, you have to ask me personally so I can send to you.

For other songs that the other teams sang, I can provide the answers as well but perhaps I will answer you personally.

Again, hope the information helps.
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Just came back from Sabah DEYC2012 which was at Tawau.

One word to describe everything : awesome.

Yes, awesome was the word to describe what God is doing in the lives of the young people of Sabah. As someone who is a west Malaysian Anglican, it's an honor for me to be there to witness myself what God is doing in Sabah.

Had a great time leading worship at DEYC2012, even though there were hiccups like guitar didn't work well, projector didn't work well but nothing hinders us from lifting His name high :)

I really thank God for the chance to be there, seeing 545 plus people lifting His name. I pray God will continue to spur everyone to rise up as a generation who will be passionate for His name.

Above all, all glory to Him! :D

More pictures at Sabah Diocese's website.
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