Just June updates

Again, thanks for the wonderful and lovely birthday wishes..been overwhelmed by it and all I can say is a big thank YOU!!

Well, am here for some simple updates for everyone...

In a month's time I will be heading to Kampar to do a concert at UTAR CF. Pretty excited about it and am really looking forward to the event there. Sounds interesting and it's always a pleasure to be back at the University that once I studied.

Same goes to Ipoh, lovely hometown of mine, where I will be dropping by again, this time at 30th October 2010 at St Peter's Church Ipoh(again too!) to do a worship concert with the youths and young adults there. Prior to that, there might be a short visit to another place so stay tuned for confirmation!

The only unfortunate news that I have to cancel my planned date to Tawau due to schedule conflicts. However, what I m confirmed is that I will be part of Sabah Diocese Youth Camp at the end of the year.

With these dates mentioned, hopely I can meet some of you all out there. Once more dates confirm, I will update them at the TL-related websites.

Besides that, been busy writing new songs/materials and who knows you might hear some during some of my concerts. Hahaha. Yes...some surprise in stall if you come.

That's all and wow, half a year gone. Looking forward to make the remaining 2010 a fruitful year..hopely see you around too!!

Much love.
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birthday's thank you vid


Did this simple video to thank all of you who wished me 'happy birthday'. Lots of names to mention but I thought it's best I do this video to just say a very big thank you and love you guys!

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TL concert @ UTAR CF Kampar

Glad to officially announce that TL's next gig will be at UTAR CF Kampar.

Indeed, it's an honour for me to be returning to UTAR(as I formerly UTAR graduate) this around to perform and share some testimonies to the students. Me and the crew will be hoping that this trip would be a blessing to the students there and the people around them.

You can click here to see more info

Join us. Pray for us. Looking forward to meet the peeps at Kampar :)

Much love,
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