thank you =)


Definitely one of the highlights of 2012 is the release of the 2nd album -- THE DAY AFTER.
Thank you all for supporting my solo project =)
Hopefully there's more to come!
May 2013 brings much blessings to everyone!
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santa photobomb!

Thanks to Cornerstone Ipoh for having me at your Christmas dinner.
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Hope you have a great CHRISTMAS!!
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first night of "TIME OF EXPECTATION"

First show done! What a night of creative arts.. using our gifts to share the story of Christmas.
2nd show is dec 24th 8pm so feel free to drop by for the repeat performance and remember bring your friends too!!
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We have a Saviour


Actually love the song a lot.. very meaningful...

We have a Saviour :) Have a great Christmas!
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FCC Christmas 2012


JOIN US!! DEC 22nd 6pm and DEC 24th 8pm at FCC

 A night of creative arts.. remembering the reason to the season...
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thurs thoughts

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CYW creative ambassador


If you read it, heard it, yes.. I am part of CYW as their Creative Ambassador..

Anyway, come get to know Change Your World more and click on their website.

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Videos on “I Am Not For Sale” campaign

In support of Change Your World, thought of sharing this article,

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albums in Malaysian market

Greetings everyone!!

I know this took some time but nevertheless, I am pleased to announce my albums are available out there in the Malaysian stores for your purchasing convenient.
Here are the list of stores where the albums are available..

THE BRANCHES @ khucai lama
Canaanland @ NZX, cheras, klcc
DOVECAST booksroom@ old klang road
Faith bookstore@ batu pahat
Renewal Christian church @bkt mertajam
Faith bookstore @ pulau pinang
Calvary bookstore @ damansara

Hopefully more will be made available soon.

Both 1st and 2nd albums are priced RM29.90 out there.

Feel free to contact me if you interested to know more on how you can get your hands on the albums.

At the same time, feel free to check out and for updates.

Songs can also be heard on

Spread the news around then! Much love!! =D
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TL visits FGT


Today had a privilege to be invited to Ps Wah Lok's church to share a simple testimony, lead some worship songs and also sang some album songs.

Truly had a great time there. Thanks Ps Wah Lok and FGT Sri Damansara for having us.

More pics at FB
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4 months after...

No.. it’s not the name of my 2nd album followup.. just some gimmick name for this post..

(short adv : if you haven’t got my albums, you gotta do so! Haha.. )

It’s been 4 months since I released my 2nd album. Wow. Wow. Wow. How time flies.

Really, all glory to God that He enables me to do not just one but two albums for the past few years. It's crazy journey, it's never been easy.. I know I said this like thousand times but I am always humbled by the fact that God given me this opportunity to do "this". There are ups and downs in the production but let me say the journey has been like a big learning curve me. Met a lot of people in different places, met a lot of people I can learn from and work with, met a lot of lovely people. All in all, it's amazing to see how God use music to touch their hearts including me.

I want to thank my family, friends, band members, crew, whoever is directly and indirectly involve in this journey. I am glad to have you all on this journey... because it's gonna be a long road ahead...

Recently, after months of busy preparation for album launch and tours, I have a quiet month (even though there's small gigs) to sit down and re-evaluate my life, my journey as a singer/songwriter, direction, etc, etc..

Not gonna bored you with all my rumblings and thought but everyday i asked myself this question .. what’s next, Tim?

First and foremost, let me answer the most FAQ :- will there be 3rd album? Honestly :  Yes and no.

I wished I can blunt enough to tell people who asked this questions if they first have bought my albums. I haven’t finish selling the 1st batch of the albums and already more excited for 3rd album. Hahaha.. I appreciate your concerns and support but truth is, once the albums are moving quite fluently, I can think of 3rd or beyond.

Any artist would love to have 3rd, 4th, 5th and many albums. I love too as well. But reality is there’s much to be done.

I must admit I do have a direction mapped out for 3rd album. The matter right now is the timing and resources.  At the same time, after reflecting and gathering feed backs for both past albums, I want to do better than those two album made, honestly. I received a lot of positive, but I believe there’s much space to improve. I will probably want to spend more time and money to make sure 3rd is better than 2nd or 1st. Same applies if you ever asking for 4th or 5th or anymore.

Even if 3rd album is a long way to go, I might do simple EPs along the way. So watch out for that. Or singles or some gimmicks (like festive songs, duets, covers)

Basically not giving any fix time frame or limit myself.

Same goes with my songs. I m not wanting to limit myself to be just a songwriter for a certain genre. Creative is limitless.

Apart from my albums, I recently appointed to be a creative ambassador for Change Your World. Yes, I am in the same family with RELENT. We could do things together, although we already tour together in few CYW gigs. Exciting things (or times) ahead.. but for me, all that matters to me to be part of CYW is to spread the social injustice message that the world sometimes shut out.

Immediate future for me??  I will keep writing songs, keep doing music. That’s my passion even though life is not easy. Not sure in what capacity, but I will keep doing it. I will still tour around, spreading the love and message by the way.

2013 will be out for some tours, some gonna be major but let's see how it goes... will update from time to time..

I have to admit many times I feel like quitting but there’s a small still voice that tells me to preserve. I can never tell enough how tough my life has been. To balance my life, this project, and work. To face the ugly side of human which sometimes exists in the circle that you thought is save. Sometimes I have to admit that I not sure whether people appreciate or really understand what people like me going through.. but I rather die doing what I love to do than living a lifetime of regret. I m not just gonna sit down and be upset.. I will just move on and on and on till God calls me home...

I know it’s cliché to say “let’s see how God leads..” but the truth is that the story of my life. In Proverbs 16:9, it says "we can make our plans but LORD determine our steps".

Like I said earlier, I will keep doing what God allows me to do.. that's music.

And again, I thank all of you for your understanding, prayers, friendship, feed back...

The journey never ends.. that's for sure..
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sorry for the overdue pictures! :P

Me and the team were at KK on 7-9th Sept weekend, we had a lovely time there with some of our favourite KK peeps. Again, thanks for the wonderful times!

Check it out at FB :-
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CYW school gig at Sri Sempurna

This is my second Change Your World school gig and the school we visited this time around was Sri Sempurna at Cheras.

Wasn't alone this time, as my friends of RELENT are together in spreading positive message to the world.

Did a few songs and it's a lovely school with lovely people.

Looking forward to more CYW gigs.

And yes, in case you need to know, I am part of the crew as a creative ambassador. Yup :)
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A night of worship & prayer at FCC


This Sunday, FCC gonna host a team of BM speaking worship team from Sandakan and I will be opening the night with a few songs of my own.

Come experience a night of worship!

Albums will be on sell too that night, including yours truly and the BM album.

Be there! =D
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TODAY (live from 2nd album launch)


Here is another footage from my 2nd album launch.. singing one of my favourite(and apparently a lot of people's favourite too) TODAY live.

ENJOY! feel free to share it around!! =D
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CYW school gig

Did an interesting gig under the banner of Change Your World.
Yes, read about them!

Why it is interesting because we do out of the ordinary gigs and this we called School Gig.

Anyway, was asked to follow the CYW crew and we were at SMK Bintang Utara Cheras. Sang a few songs, some mine and some covers. Did 1 Direction and Justin Bieber covers and they loved it.

Am honoured to be there as part of a movement to create awareness about social injustice especially modern slavery. I believe Kelvin (director of CYW) did well to convey that message to the children there.. hope their lives were impacted.

All in all, fun experience, hopefully there's more gigs under CYW to come!

More pics on CYW FB
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2nd album aftermath


Enjoy some after scene once 2nd album show ended...

Featuring family and friends, Malaysians and Koreans, a famous local band and a dancing baby.
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BB talent night highlights

One of the things that I was involved when I was touring KK few weeks for being the judge for the talentnight..

The night was fun and here are the highlights.. ENJOY!

(video by Sam Vun)
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Who didn't come for the 2nd album launch in KL?? aiya.. 

Sorry for the delay but finally we have some footage from the album launch. Here is one..... in midst of presenting all of my new songs off the 2nd album, managed to find time to do a live cover. A well-known song that rings in everyone's head and circling around Youtube -- it's Lifehouse's EVERYTHING. 

Hope you enjoy it and more footage of the launch will be out from time to time.. stay tuned! :D

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Was honored to be part of an event that is such of a kind -- 12 hours non-stop worship on 17th September.

Different bands coming in hourly to lead worship and my slot was evening. All in all, God's presence was so strong and I had a good time leading there.

I admit towards the event, it wasn't easy for me because all the tours and event logistics but I learnt that when you surrender all to God, He will do great things. Indeed He did!!

Thank you those who were part of the team, those who came, those who prayed for us and with us.

All glory to God!!
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what does THE DAY AFTER means to you?

As I was preparing for my album release, I 'googled' the title "THE DAY AFTER" to see what it means to some people...

I found one forum and this person from US shared this..

Well, for me it means a second chance, moving on from difficult times, or problems, it means i have another try to dig deeper, it means time, and how it passes without notice and how relevant it is to our lives, and how we are destined to die, it means that thin line between happiness and sadness and the struggles we face day after day. it means you have to perservier and continue to try to reach your goals, it means to stand up for what you think is wrong and take action. it means there is hope. for me day after today means hope. ... or tomorrow

So, whoever, wherever you are... thanks! You captured and summarize what my album theme is all about. =)

Anyway, love to know more from everyone what "THE DAY AFTER" means to you.. feel free to comment, drop a FB message, etc etc.

My hope this 2nd album continue to encourage you no matter what season you are in.

Much love.
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3 years after 090909

It's been 3 years since THIS ROAD was released.

It's been a long and winding road but enjoying every journey so far. Thank God for giving me this opportunity to do this and how He has lead me so far. Indeed, without Him, all this is not possible.

Besides that, special thanks to Jonathan Tse for his advice and help in making this possible.. thanks bro, forever grateful for your help.

Not forgetting support from family & friends everywhere.. it's your encouragement that keeps going on. 

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SEPT 8th at ASC BB Talentnight

Was asked to be at All Saints' Boys Brigade's Talentnight. Performing and judging.

Yes.. was one of the panel of judges. The main one to be exact. Being one is not easy. Lots of good performance there, for their age I do wanna give them credit for working hard and being courageous.

Ended the night with my turn to perform. Hahaha..

Overall, quite a fun night as well! =D
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Sept 7th KK tour

Nice lighting. nice backdrop. Simple yet fun show. Quite an experience to play in such intimate set.

Was held at All Saints KK and glad to see many friends turnout. Quite fun and hope everyone was bless by it.
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when your friend covers your song...


I think I gotta get use to this feeling soon...

Someone once told me...when someone covers your song, means you are famous? hahaha..

My joker friend Mickey did a cover of one of my 2nd album song, HOLD ON TO few weeks ago during Faith Music's in-house battle of the band. 

Enjoy this video...
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sharing a song : Merdeka post


Very rarely you get bands or artist covering patriotic song. Well, a group of my good friends, RELENT did so.

And what better day to share one today since today is independence day..

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sharing a song : Tom Read's Don't stand at my grave and weep


Let me introduce a friend from Hong Kong, his name is Tom Read.

It was around 3 years ago I first met him. He was part of the Vine Band that came to FCC for a night of concert. Had a great time hosting and hanging out with them.

We still keep in touch once awhile via FB & Twitter. Few years on, I am glad to hear he is working on his solo album which will be out on September 17th.

His debut album name is called COMPASS. So happen that I have a song in my 2nd album also with the same name, and I nearly titled my 2nd album after that. No, we didn't like plan to have same name titles but well, great minds think alike?? Hahaha.. it's prove of how God can inspire people with great songs.

Anyway, read that he worked with well-known Tim Hughes for this album. Wow.

Follow his updates on and

Anyway, enjoy his first music video - Don't stand at my grave and weep.

Love the song very much, keep looping it and love the whole music video. It's fun and beautifully done.


Congrats once again Tom!! Hope to meet you in person again! =D
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simple presentation

Did a mini encore of my 2nd album launch at FCC in all the services on the weekend.
Even though just 2 songs, hope it bless everyone who heard it.

Again, thanks for your amazing feed back and support.

Cheers =)
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2nd album featured on Tabernacle Music

Love to share this page..

I am feature on local Christian music website, run by Ps. Wah Lok, called Tabernacle Music.

My profile :
My album :

It's an honor to be mentioned there along with all the talented local artist.

YAY! this stirs me to work harder..

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1 month

It's been a month since my 2nd album - THE DAY AFTER was launched.

Within 1 month, the journey been incredible, going few places to promote my music. Tiring as it sounds but I loved every minute of it. Touring with my entourage and meeting new friends. Got lotsa of good feed back which I praise God for. All this will only encourage me to journey on in this solo project and compose good music for everyone out there  =)

Anyway, the journey has not stop and will continue on... few more places to go notably KK on 2nd week of September.

At the same time, hope you have enjoyed the 2nd album so far and i appreciate if you can message/email me your feed back about the album.

Till then, have a good week ahead.
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pics from Ipoh 2012 album promo

Here are the pictures from the promo trip at St Peter's Church.

Thanks to photographer Kim Loong! =D
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The title means :- A day of Praise and Worship...

It is a bit mouthful to say or type but it's one exciting event..

As I was invited to be part of this, I was thinking what is all about and the more I learn, the more i realized how important it is. That is spend time to worship and pray for the nation.

It will be 12 hours event and the slot I am involve will be at 630pm. The chinese worship team of FCC will be involve too and their slot is at 1130 to 1230pm.

It's on 17th September, the day after Malaysia Day celebration. So what better way to celebrate Malaysia Day by praying for the nation and uphold everything to God's hands.

Join us and more information can be found here.
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TL @ Ipoh 2012

Thanks to those who came for the Ipoh concert. Received so many of your touching feedback and really appreciate it from my heart. 

All glory to Him! :D

Me and the crew really enjoyed the warmth, fellowship and food there. We thank you all for everything.

Ipoh is always special in our hearts and will be looking forward to our next trip there again :)
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KK tour


Next Sabah trip will be in Kota Kinabalu at All Saints on the 2nd week of September weekend.

A full album concert on 7th September Friday night while I will be doing short album promos on 8th-9th Sept weekend in few simple events there.

IF you are at KK, see you there ya! =D
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TL @ Sol Frontera


Did a rare public performance at Sol Frontera Jaya One on Wednesday night. It was good gig, just that the system was bad, keep tripping. Overall, was a good experience and I thank Paul Shaniel for the chance to do so.

I am trying to get more of such gigs so will keep you guys updated :)
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Ipoh in 5 days!


Can't wait to be back at my lovely hometown! See you in 5 days!! :D

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TL @ Sandakan

Next stop of the album tour is the lovely place of Sandakan..

Came on Friday to enjoy some sight and food.. and boy, i was so full of food... yes, Sandakan is famous for its seafood...

Anyway, was sharing at St Michael's Sandakan youth group. Simple but it was fun to be there to share and encourage the youths.

Next day, did presentations at English and BM service. Indeed, feel honoured to be presenting in a church that is 124 years old. Yes, one of the oldest building in South East Asia but the people there are still passionate for God.

Just want to say thanks to St Michael Sandakan church for having me there and also the people for the warmth hospitality.

Alright, next stop..... my lovely hometown IPOH soon....
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Just wanna thank KLBC for the opportunity to be at their service to share and sing some of my album songs.
We were there to sing few songs and had a good time there. Made new friends and enjoyed the fellowship.

Looking forward to few more venues =D
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pictures from album launch


We have a few picture albums you can check and browse .. all covering the album launch event!

So far, there's two by Kim Loong and Victor Tan

Enjoy the pictures! :)
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sharing blog post

Just want to share a blog post by a friend about the 2nd album

Thanks for the blog post, beautifully written!
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THE DAY AFTER concert!

Here is a sneak peek from the concert night, more pictures to come soon!

BIG THANKS to all who came and your support is just awesome! Enjoyed every moment.

Thanks RELENT for opening the night with awesome rocking tunes.

Most of all, thanks God for a great and awesome night.

Hope you guys enjoyed the concert and hope that the CD will be a blessing to you.

Much love. God bless! :D
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[2nd album] album concept

Let me tell you a story how this title come about and the concept behind it...

Firstly, how the title came was quite in a comical and casual way. It was few years ago when I was still studying in university, in a casual talk with friends. I told them I am going to do an album in future and they were saying it’s cool etc etc. Out of the sudden, he suggested “what about calling your album The Day After Tomorrow”.. he probably said it out of randomness. I honestly told him I already have the title THIS ROAD in mind for 1st album but I thought myself it’s a good title to consider in the future.

The title stuck in my head since then and made me ponder on and on again. Somehow I managed to find some significant in it.

True that, when one look at the title, we straight away think of the movie that has the same title. The movie itself, I don’t know what you all think but to me, it talks about surviving storms, disasters -- all the catasphore that struck human lives.

Ironically, to make it interesting, the movie 2012 is also has this theme and we are in the year of 2012… mmmm…

Similarly everyday we hit by storms, catasphore of lives. Some are visible like natural disaster or financial difficulties, sickness, suffering. Some are not visible ones like emotional or spiritual battles. All in all, everyone have their own troubles, whether we like it or know it.

I m not shy to say in journey life so far, I seen many people went through various predicament as mentioned. Even myself, I faced storms of life. Worries, stress, frustration, things seems bleak. But when it’s going gets tough, tough gets going…

It’s indeed a life challenge to rise from such circumstances in life to face each day with confident, hope and faith.

The Day After speaks hope and faith beyond the circumstances we are in. It’s how we response to every hundles, obstacles, shortcomings we faced.

With that, I try to achieve that in my 2nd album.

So yes, I actually dropped the title tomorrow to avoid confusion and make the name more cooler. Yea... 

I hope you will enjoy the songs from the album =)
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Today marks the release of the 2nd album - THE DAY AFTER. 

With a grateful heart, I really thank God for His leading and faithfulness in my album venture so far. Never thought I able to do what I am doing right now, by His grace and strength, I have done 2 albums. Well, hope there's more to come. 

At the same time, I want to thank everyone out there for your tremendous support. It is your encouragement that keeps me doing what I am doing.

Much love =)
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3 more days

Here are some pictures posted by some friends :D

 By Jean Tan

This collection of dog pics are by Iris Lam

Edited picture by Andy Lim

So yes, left 3 more days to the album release. Excited? =D
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confirmed tour dates

TL schedule/tour..

21st July : 2nd ALBUM LAUNCH
29th July : KL Baptist Church
4th August : St Michael Sandakan YF
11th August : St Peter's Church Ipoh
7th Sept : All Saints, KK
17th Sept : A day of worship event

There are few more places haven't confirm, including some public performance but anyway, appreciate you keep me in your prayers and if you around those places, see you around!

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THE DAY AFTER track listing

Hey guys,

Here is the track listing for the THE DAY AFTER

1) For You Alone
2) Today
3) Compass
4) The Day After Tomorrow
5) Hold On to
6) Brighter Days
7) Perseverance
8) In My Mind
9) Not afraid
10) The love that you gave

So excited for you guys to hear the album soon! :D
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Waiting to be released and unleashed on 21st July 2012!! :D

Thanks Jonathan guiding and helping in the whole process of production. Thanks also to Shu Jun and her hubby Daniel for the design and Cedric for the photo taking. Everything is superbly done.

After years and months of preparing, this is it.. it's ready!

Countdown is ON!!! =)
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TL @ Ipoh - 2nd album promo


If you at Ipoh, here is the official FB event for the Ipoh leg of the promo tour!

Join us! August 11th Saturday night is where you should be!

Spread the love.Share the love.

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Tim Lim - Today (official lyric video)


Enjoy one of the songs that will feature in the 2nd album!!

I am sure most of you have heard this song before as I have sung it live in some places during my tour. Yes, the name of the song is entitled TODAY.

It was edited by Mark Ooi.. thanks bro!

Alright.. countdown continues for the album launch!

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23 more days

Here's the mock-up version of the CD.. yes.. some preview what to expect..

Can't wait for you guys to have the real thing! :D
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28 days later


 Happening on 21st July 2012. Are you ready? :)
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opening act for concert : RELENT


They are coming on 21st July 2012 to rock the night as well.

 Need more reasons? :)

Go to FB event to find out more and mark your attendance!
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1 month away!

The countdown is on..!! We have reached the mark where we are 1 month away from the official launch/release of my 2nd album.

It will be held in Faith Christian Centre, the church where I am based now and it's on Saturday night 830pm. More information can be found in FB, where you can also declare over there that you are attending!!

Not just me will be there, my good friends RELENT will open the night with a few of their rocking tunes.

So spread the love, the music, the message around. Please don't come alone. Bring your friends, neighbours, relatives, anyone that breathes like human to this night!

Lots of hardwork have been done for this album and more hard work needed to be put in for preparation for the release so do remember me in your prayers! =D
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You can download this picture as your wallpaper to remind you of the 2nd album release ;)
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Matthew 6:34


(pic source :

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own". - Matthew 6:34

That my friends, is one of the Bible verses that inspire my 2nd album. 
Stay tuned for more album insights :)
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birthday thanks from TL


Thanks for the overwhelming wishes for my birthday!! Well, all I can do is to say thanks to you all via this vid-blog and may you too have a great year ahead!

Stay tuned for more 2nd album updates and really need all the prayers and support as much that I can.

Again, thanks all. Much love
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pictures of TL @ Psalmist Generation 2012 conference

Check them out at my FB fanpage.

They are basically collection of pictures taken by various people.. I just complied together and sharing it to everyone out there about my adventures at PG conference.

Had a great time there and looking forward to next year's conference.
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pre-sales for 2nd album

with great pleasure and honour, would love to share with everyone out there that my new album will be out on 21st July 2012 and it is called THE DAY AFTER.

Pre-sales for the album starts this week. The pre-sales price of the CD is RM26.. so get this hot item at a hot price quickly!!
Those in FCC will get the privilege to book the album through the resource centre while the rest out there, if you are interested, PM or email me.

Thanks for your amazing support so far.. keep me in your prayers and I will keep everyone updated.

Much love.
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Amplified concert

Praise God for everything!!

I had the honour of performing on the same night with Psalmist Generation band, Jonathan Tse and Juwita Suwito.

It was the Amplified concert night, organized by the Psalmist Generation, where each of us perform and shared our lives.

Sang three songs and shared my life, along the line of how I can amplify my life for God.

Overall, quite a good outing.. love the stage especially that huge LED lights.

Above all, really thank God for all the positive feedback and thumbs up for the performance. Indeed all glory to God and really, that night it's all about amplifying His name.

Good times and looking forward to more shows like these..

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worship unlimited

The night itself.. all to say.. lived up to the name of the event itself -- Worship unlimited.

Indeed God really showed up and people just worship with their hearts. Sometimes I just feel we can just go on and on and on. I didn't have to do much, because it's all about God. =)

Yea, even right now as I typing this, I still can't forget what happened.. unlimited He is.

Anyway, thanks all who came and indeed we have a great time together.

Special thanks to 1am, Kelvin Lim and RELENT for the partnership and looking forward to good times with you guys.

All glory to GOD! =D

For more pictures of the event, check it out on FB. Credits to Kim Loong for such awesome pics!

If you want some candid shot of the event, check out Jackson's album.

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