5 more days to HEARTCORE // FCC

Countdown to #heartcore concert!!

All the performers are excited! The concert is around the corner!!
Bring your friends along to this exciting event of music.

Details of the concert are at Heartcore // FCC. See you there!

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AOT's #heartcore shoutout


Say hi to these guys, Army of Three, on 3rd September at Heartcore // FCC concert!

Their songs have been rocking the nation especially on Hitz.fm's MET10 (now it's at 3rd position) so

I would say, you don't wanna miss their LIVE appearance on that night.

Share the event! Share the songs! share the good news yo!

See you there!

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MORCO open mic

Thanks Morco for allowing me to sing a few tunes

Different experience altogether, right in front of Sunway College.

And here I am.. with the greatest fan ever... hahaha...

Stay tuned for more gig updates!
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next gig : Morco

HEAR YE!! i mean.. read this..

This Thursday, I will bringing some tunes to the good people of Morco Coffee, which is facing Sunway college and same row with burgerlab. (and perhaps, some pokestops?)

It's a 40 minutes set.. so expecting some covers, originals, random things and little ‪#‎heartcore‬ promo?

I am excited to meet my fellow performers and everyone there. So yea, come la and have fun!
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Feedback Open Mic @ the Bee, Jaya One

Yes, if you missed it last night on my social media, I appeared in Feedback Open mic at the Bee, Jaya One.

Anyway, exciting gigs to be announced soon. Checkout www.facebook.com/timlimproject or my other social media account. 
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Open mic de la Frontera #4


Kicking off August with another appearance at familiar grounds of Sol Frontera.

Did a bit of co-hosting and yea.. had fun.

more to come on gigs so you need to check www.facebook.com/timlimproject for updates!
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