sharing a song : Merdeka post


Very rarely you get bands or artist covering patriotic song. Well, a group of my good friends, RELENT did so.

And what better day to share one today since today is independence day..

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sharing a song : Tom Read's Don't stand at my grave and weep


Let me introduce a friend from Hong Kong, his name is Tom Read.

It was around 3 years ago I first met him. He was part of the Vine Band that came to FCC for a night of concert. Had a great time hosting and hanging out with them.

We still keep in touch once awhile via FB & Twitter. Few years on, I am glad to hear he is working on his solo album which will be out on September 17th.

His debut album name is called COMPASS. So happen that I have a song in my 2nd album also with the same name, and I nearly titled my 2nd album after that. No, we didn't like plan to have same name titles but well, great minds think alike?? Hahaha.. it's prove of how God can inspire people with great songs.

Anyway, read that he worked with well-known Tim Hughes for this album. Wow.

Follow his updates on and

Anyway, enjoy his first music video - Don't stand at my grave and weep.

Love the song very much, keep looping it and love the whole music video. It's fun and beautifully done.


Congrats once again Tom!! Hope to meet you in person again! =D
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simple presentation

Did a mini encore of my 2nd album launch at FCC in all the services on the weekend.
Even though just 2 songs, hope it bless everyone who heard it.

Again, thanks for your amazing feed back and support.

Cheers =)
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2nd album featured on Tabernacle Music

Love to share this page..

I am feature on local Christian music website, run by Ps. Wah Lok, called Tabernacle Music.

My profile :
My album :

It's an honor to be mentioned there along with all the talented local artist.

YAY! this stirs me to work harder..

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1 month

It's been a month since my 2nd album - THE DAY AFTER was launched.

Within 1 month, the journey been incredible, going few places to promote my music. Tiring as it sounds but I loved every minute of it. Touring with my entourage and meeting new friends. Got lotsa of good feed back which I praise God for. All this will only encourage me to journey on in this solo project and compose good music for everyone out there  =)

Anyway, the journey has not stop and will continue on... few more places to go notably KK on 2nd week of September.

At the same time, hope you have enjoyed the 2nd album so far and i appreciate if you can message/email me your feed back about the album.

Till then, have a good week ahead.
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pics from Ipoh 2012 album promo

Here are the pictures from the promo trip at St Peter's Church.

Thanks to photographer Kim Loong! =D
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The title means :- A day of Praise and Worship...

It is a bit mouthful to say or type but it's one exciting event..

As I was invited to be part of this, I was thinking what is all about and the more I learn, the more i realized how important it is. That is spend time to worship and pray for the nation.

It will be 12 hours event and the slot I am involve will be at 630pm. The chinese worship team of FCC will be involve too and their slot is at 1130 to 1230pm.

It's on 17th September, the day after Malaysia Day celebration. So what better way to celebrate Malaysia Day by praying for the nation and uphold everything to God's hands.

Join us and more information can be found here.
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TL @ Ipoh 2012

Thanks to those who came for the Ipoh concert. Received so many of your touching feedback and really appreciate it from my heart. 

All glory to Him! :D

Me and the crew really enjoyed the warmth, fellowship and food there. We thank you all for everything.

Ipoh is always special in our hearts and will be looking forward to our next trip there again :)
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KK tour


Next Sabah trip will be in Kota Kinabalu at All Saints on the 2nd week of September weekend.

A full album concert on 7th September Friday night while I will be doing short album promos on 8th-9th Sept weekend in few simple events there.

IF you are at KK, see you there ya! =D
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TL @ Sol Frontera


Did a rare public performance at Sol Frontera Jaya One on Wednesday night. It was good gig, just that the system was bad, keep tripping. Overall, was a good experience and I thank Paul Shaniel for the chance to do so.

I am trying to get more of such gigs so will keep you guys updated :)
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Ipoh in 5 days!


Can't wait to be back at my lovely hometown! See you in 5 days!! :D

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TL @ Sandakan

Next stop of the album tour is the lovely place of Sandakan..

Came on Friday to enjoy some sight and food.. and boy, i was so full of food... yes, Sandakan is famous for its seafood...

Anyway, was sharing at St Michael's Sandakan youth group. Simple but it was fun to be there to share and encourage the youths.

Next day, did presentations at English and BM service. Indeed, feel honoured to be presenting in a church that is 124 years old. Yes, one of the oldest building in South East Asia but the people there are still passionate for God.

Just want to say thanks to St Michael Sandakan church for having me there and also the people for the warmth hospitality.

Alright, next stop..... my lovely hometown IPOH soon....
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