Cold Water (cover by Grace Pang and Tim Lim)



This is the second video we did together and we hope you'll enjoy this! A cover of Major Lazer/Justin Bieber track -- Cold Water.

Let us know if you like it and would like us to duet again! As usual, give us some likes and share as much as possible.

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Culture Syiok 12.5.17

Thank you Live Space, Mind Space for the platform to share my passion for music. It was nice to meet new friends there.

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Anyway, looking forward to end of May gigs, especially the exciting Heartcore: Restart. You MUST come!!
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[GIG ALERT] Heartcore:Restart

I am very excited to share about this news, a Heartcore news.

Those who knows what's heartcore is all about will know that it's never about money and fame, but it's all about living our faith loud.

Click here to head over to the FB EVENT

The past few months, each one of us have been busy with our own project, church ministries and life. Those who know us well would know what we are doing. At the end of the day, we love God and life.

I am looking forward to this night with these champions. Trust me, they are awesome.

And for this night, I am doing full band. It's been some time I do full band so I am excited nevertheless.

It's 2 weeks from now. Book your calendar and I hope to see you all there. It's gonna be an awesome night, a heartcore night.

so.. SEE YOU!!

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Mingle pilot

singing from the rooftop, between the raindrops.

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intimate but wonderful crowd. Enjoyed it!

Next stop : Culture Syiok @ will you cafe, 1MK (12th May)
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taco tuesday with timlim

Frontera is my favourite place to hangout, Mexican good food and performing there.

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Hope this will kickstart exciting May for me as a lot of exciting gigs are coming up.

Check out for the details.

So see ya around yo!!
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Culture Syiok @ 1MK

Intimate and simple gig at Will You cafe, located at 1MountKiara.

Singing from the rooftop. Lovely space here.

Stay tuned for MAY schedule. It's exciting.
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Thursday @ Merdekarya


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Unwinding here at Merdekarya. Opened for the brilliant Eloise Lau , she is such a gem of singer-songwriter.

Next stop : Culture Syok at 1MK

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