"tonight" by TL


One of my new songs from the online EP. Hope there's more new stuff for you all to enjoy =)

Be bless and enjoy!
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flashback friday : album launch at KL and Ipoh 5 years ago

Since we are still in the week of THIS ROAD's 5th anniversary release, here's a flashback video on the THIS ROAD tour 5 years ago...

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#thursdaythrowback 090909 first album launch

In conjunction of the 5th anniversary of first album launch this week.. here's some pictures from that faithful day...


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5th anniversary

It started off as a dream. Later on, it became a reality.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday. On 9th September 2009, I released my first album – THIS ROAD

As I was young and starting to indulge myself in song writing, the sense of doing an album dawns on me. It’s like my dream to do so, just that I am not sure in capacity.

Thanks to encouragement by friends and being inspired by many local artists’ adventure, I took the step of boldness to do my first album. Trusting it is all God’s plan, I embark on this journey, knowing it won’t be easy. That is why my first album is entitled THIS ROAD.

It’s been 5 years. I remembered the launch vividly. I never forget everyone who came, everyone who supported me, and everyone who encouraged me. Because of all of your little support, here I am writing this note of thanks. Because of all of you, there was a follow-up album – THE DAY AFTER (released in 2012), there’s tours, and seeing how the music reaching to people I myself haven’t met yet, impacting lives in one way or another. I am still amazed that even till today, some people still talk to me about the first album and how much it impacted them. Testimony like this really spurs me on and at the same time, acknowledging that indeed it’s the man upstairs who makes it all possible.

One of the many frequent questions I get for the past few years is will I released another album. Time can only tell. To be honest, I am not sure. But what is certain is I will still be doing music, in one way or another. It’s a passion that never dies.

That’s where this online EP comes in. To celebrate 5 years of the first album release and also a big thank you to all of your support throughout the years.

Here is the link : https://soundcloud.com/timlimproject/sets/tl-online-ep

This EP contains 5 songs – some songs you have heard before online and 2 new songs I wrote in recent years. I want to thank Lo Shi Seng and Bryan Limus for helping me out in making those songs becoming a reality. All the songs were recorded at Shi Seng’s humble recording studio and Bryan Limus helped in mastering some of the tracks.

As these song is on soundcloud, feel free to loop it as much as you can.If you want the songs as a mp3 and want to play them at your own convenient, you can email me at timlim1206@gmail.com or contact me then I will send you the songs. If you are convicted to buy these songs from me, well, just let me know. I have no fix price for my songs – you can buy these songs at any price. Basically my concept is like an “online tip jar”.. just tip if you love the songs.

I know some of you ask why I don’t sell it on itunes or spotify or something. It’s a long story to tell but at the end of the day, I guess the personal touch between me and you is vital for me, and I admit I have a niche market for these songs.

That aside, I hope you enjoy this online EP. I hope these songs will be a blessing to you, keeping you excited about what’s next. Most of all, it is to thank all of you. Yes, the online EP is dedicated to all of you.

Much love
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eve of the 5th anniv

Tomorrow will be the 5th anniversary of my first album THIS ROAD release. Which song from that album is your favourite?
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20 facts of TiML!M

Was tagged to do this 20 facts game by a few friends on instagram.. So here we go..

1. I am the eldest in the family
2. Born in an awesome town called Ipoh
3. Favourite soccer team is Manchester United and been their fan since 10 years old
4. Speak fluent English and BM, can converse in Cantonese while my Mandarin and Hakka is kindergarten level. I cannot read or write any Chinese dialect.
5. I started to learn guitar when i was 12 years old
6. I can play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. So my life’s regret is to never pick up piano when i was young
7. First band that i like was MLTR
8. Hate horror movies
9. I am a big fan of Kamen Rider, super sentai and power rangers. I still watch them
10. I am a big Marvel comics fan
11. Favourite color : red, green, blue
12. 12 is my favourite number because it is my birthdate
13. I actually would favour western food over asian food
14. I worked in BERNAMA, a local news agency before for 3 months as part of the industrial attachment. So ya, had the chance to meet local politicians, sportsmen, artists in person
15. I have visited most of the Malaysian states except Terengganu and Perlis
16. I represented my primary school in chess and handball tournaments
17. If i am eating rice, i never like to eat it dry. I would pour soup or sauce over it.
18. I hate vanilla. Never give me anything vanilla eg ice cream or cake
19. Coffee lover
20. In case you forget, i have two solo albums — “this road” & “the day after”

Thank you for reading this but unfortunately you are tagged to do this 20 facts challenge. LOL. It’s fun, help us all to know each other better. You can do it here on fb or on instagram (because i originally got this tag from Instagram.. Lolz)

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TL @ MGM2013

remember on December last year, I performed at MGM2013?? Okay, I know it's quite some time ago so I am sorry for delaying the video upload.

But anyway, for the benefit for those who unable to witness the performance, here is the video, thanks to Kim Loong. Hope you enjoy the 10 minutes performance. Songs performed were "compass" and "hold on to".

Stay tuned for more from me..
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