Barlai 27th October featured act


Last night's story. Had a wonderful time there. Thank you for coming to my featured act at Barlai.

Thank you all for the love shown at the venue and social media. Thank you @gracepang16 and @dchin95 being part of the night as well. Thanks @shaneildevaser for being a wonderful host.

Cheers and much love! #openmicMY #timlimproject #malaysianmusic

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Frontera #9

It was fun hanging out with my fellow performers today at Frontera.

Yes, i did a BsB cover. Was trying it out today and you could hear it again in next gig. Sorry no live video though because we are lazy and most songs I been doing have been pretty much the same as every live video I did. So yea. haha.

That being said, yes, next gig will be next week on Thursday 27th October at Barlai. I am the featured act that night so i will be singing for 1 hour (i think). It's something you cannot miss.. seeing me singing that long.. yup.. so mark your calendars yo..

Meanwhile, will update you all about Nov-dec gigs as time comes so stay tuned to my fb page (

Cheers to all who came and made the night awesome. Even though some fella decides to do fogging at night when everyone is still having business. Crazy fella.

PS : I'm loving the taco tuesday here.
#openmicMY #timlimproject #malaysianmusic #supportlocalartists

Pic credit 📸: shaneil devaser
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SpeakFree #3

Had a great time performing there and meeting my fellow indie acts.

And oh, the food was awesome too!

One of my latest, off from Online EP. Usual set.

one of my newer songs that I wrote recently : -- More than this.

I am not sure if or when I am gonna record this song, but do feedback if you loved it.. probably I will consider this song for next album? hahaha.. yup.. get involved yo...

And one of the songs that I been covering lately..

Next gig : Frontera on next Tuesday 18th October. SEE YA THERE!
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October gigs update

3 main highlights though :

SpeakFreely open mic #3 on October 10th and Frontera on 18th with many awesome indie performers. So come and hear us out.

Then on 27th October, I will be the featured act on the revamped Barlai venue gig called Barlai Indie Galore (or simply called B.I.G which is a clever reference to the Barlai's mother company)

I could do a few new songs that I wrote lately and would love you all to hear it live so I can gather some feedback! Of course, perhaps some new covers to do.. along with the usual setlist that includes a few fan-favourite songs.

So come hangout at this places. Mark these dates at your calendar and come! These places have wonderful F&B too. I will be bringing some of my albums to sell (or giveaway if you are nice to me)

Exciting things are ahead. All warmup towards 2017 -- ya, especially when I am getting married soon. Hahaha. Cheers.

But all in all, can't wait to share more about what's ahead. However, when the time comes, you will know.
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