Just wanna thank KLBC for the opportunity to be at their service to share and sing some of my album songs.
We were there to sing few songs and had a good time there. Made new friends and enjoyed the fellowship.

Looking forward to few more venues =D
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pictures from album launch


We have a few picture albums you can check and browse .. all covering the album launch event!

So far, there's two by Kim Loong and Victor Tan

Enjoy the pictures! :)
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sharing blog post

Just want to share a blog post by a friend about the 2nd album

Thanks for the blog post, beautifully written!
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THE DAY AFTER concert!

Here is a sneak peek from the concert night, more pictures to come soon!

BIG THANKS to all who came and your support is just awesome! Enjoyed every moment.

Thanks RELENT for opening the night with awesome rocking tunes.

Most of all, thanks God for a great and awesome night.

Hope you guys enjoyed the concert and hope that the CD will be a blessing to you.

Much love. God bless! :D
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[2nd album] album concept

Let me tell you a story how this title come about and the concept behind it...

Firstly, how the title came was quite in a comical and casual way. It was few years ago when I was still studying in university, in a casual talk with friends. I told them I am going to do an album in future and they were saying it’s cool etc etc. Out of the sudden, he suggested “what about calling your album The Day After Tomorrow”.. he probably said it out of randomness. I honestly told him I already have the title THIS ROAD in mind for 1st album but I thought myself it’s a good title to consider in the future.

The title stuck in my head since then and made me ponder on and on again. Somehow I managed to find some significant in it.

True that, when one look at the title, we straight away think of the movie that has the same title. The movie itself, I don’t know what you all think but to me, it talks about surviving storms, disasters -- all the catasphore that struck human lives.

Ironically, to make it interesting, the movie 2012 is also has this theme and we are in the year of 2012… mmmm…

Similarly everyday we hit by storms, catasphore of lives. Some are visible like natural disaster or financial difficulties, sickness, suffering. Some are not visible ones like emotional or spiritual battles. All in all, everyone have their own troubles, whether we like it or know it.

I m not shy to say in journey life so far, I seen many people went through various predicament as mentioned. Even myself, I faced storms of life. Worries, stress, frustration, things seems bleak. But when it’s going gets tough, tough gets going…

It’s indeed a life challenge to rise from such circumstances in life to face each day with confident, hope and faith.

The Day After speaks hope and faith beyond the circumstances we are in. It’s how we response to every hundles, obstacles, shortcomings we faced.

With that, I try to achieve that in my 2nd album.

So yes, I actually dropped the title tomorrow to avoid confusion and make the name more cooler. Yea... 

I hope you will enjoy the songs from the album =)
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Today marks the release of the 2nd album - THE DAY AFTER. 

With a grateful heart, I really thank God for His leading and faithfulness in my album venture so far. Never thought I able to do what I am doing right now, by His grace and strength, I have done 2 albums. Well, hope there's more to come. 

At the same time, I want to thank everyone out there for your tremendous support. It is your encouragement that keeps me doing what I am doing.

Much love =)
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3 more days

Here are some pictures posted by some friends :D

 By Jean Tan

This collection of dog pics are by Iris Lam

Edited picture by Andy Lim

So yes, left 3 more days to the album release. Excited? =D
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confirmed tour dates

TL schedule/tour..

21st July : 2nd ALBUM LAUNCH
29th July : KL Baptist Church
4th August : St Michael Sandakan YF
11th August : St Peter's Church Ipoh
7th Sept : All Saints, KK
17th Sept : A day of worship event

There are few more places haven't confirm, including some public performance but anyway, appreciate you keep me in your prayers and if you around those places, see you around!

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THE DAY AFTER track listing

Hey guys,

Here is the track listing for the THE DAY AFTER

1) For You Alone
2) Today
3) Compass
4) The Day After Tomorrow
5) Hold On to
6) Brighter Days
7) Perseverance
8) In My Mind
9) Not afraid
10) The love that you gave

So excited for you guys to hear the album soon! :D
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Waiting to be released and unleashed on 21st July 2012!! :D

Thanks Jonathan guiding and helping in the whole process of production. Thanks also to Shu Jun and her hubby Daniel for the design and Cedric for the photo taking. Everything is superbly done.

After years and months of preparing, this is it.. it's ready!

Countdown is ON!!! =)
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TL @ Ipoh - 2nd album promo


If you at Ipoh, here is the official FB event for the Ipoh leg of the promo tour!

Join us! August 11th Saturday night is where you should be!

Spread the love.Share the love.

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Tim Lim - Today (official lyric video)


Enjoy one of the songs that will feature in the 2nd album!!

I am sure most of you have heard this song before as I have sung it live in some places during my tour. Yes, the name of the song is entitled TODAY.

It was edited by Mark Ooi.. thanks bro!

Alright.. countdown continues for the album launch!

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