More AEW sessions pics

Thanks Wang for the beautiful pics :)

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AEW aftermath

Was an experience playing in the heart of KL at the SUKA. Did a few songs and the other performers were awesome too. Fun all in all.

Thanks Wang for letting me perform there.

More pictures can be found at FB
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MGM concert promo


It gives me great joy to announce that i am part of the biggest concert in Malaysian gospel scene this year -- that is MGM concert.

It will be on 1st December Sunday evening 7pm at City Harvest KL.

Really praise God that i am part of this.. Biggest concert i am involve so far. All the top Malaysian gospel artist will be there.. Patrick Leong, SAND, Ps Wah Lok and many more!!

Tickets are priced at rm20 which includes a MGM compilation album. Tickets are available in canaanland, chosen treasure bookstore.

For FCC members, good news that the tickets are available at the resource centre.

I am excited and pumped for it! See you all there!! :D
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11th AEW Sessions @ the Suka

Dear folks...

I will be performing at The Suka this coming Friday in an acoustic set

So.. why not spend your Friday evening here.. enjoy some music and food after a week's hard work.

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music moves #2

Someone send to me this 'paparazi' shot. Man, dangerous these days when people have hp.. Just snap whenever they want.

But what i love about this picture is the fact that everyone love music regardless how old and how young they are. I love it when i get to see how kids respond to music, so does the oldest of age folks too.
Indeed, it's a joy and blessing to be doing music. To bless someone with that gift regardless how old they are.

So... Keep playing, keep making music peeps!
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trying to BSB-ing..

the boyband in me was unleashed.. :P
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music moves

Whenever a total stranger comes up to me and said how much he or she enjoyed the performance and songs, that really means a lot to me.

That is something to be thankful for, something that keeps inspiring me to do music.

Thank you for your love and support. I promise to keep working hard :)
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Merdekarya on 10/10


Done with my Merdekarya gig. My first full featured gig there. Thanks for the support no matter in what ways.

Was quite an experience for me and grateful for the chance to perform my own songs and some covers on a public platform.

I know it wasn't easy for a lot of people to come because of the massive traffic jam around KL due to heavy rain but if you didn't come, fret not.. there's another public performance in 2 weeks at the heart of KL city..

Stay tuned for that announcement !! =)

Again.. Thanks everyone for the support..
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Merdekaraya promo

Will be performing in a place called Merdekarya. It's happening on Thursday night 830pm 10th October.

Would appreciate if you able to RSVP your attendance, love to see everyone there! yes.. i mean.. EVERYONE.. no matter who you are.. 

Will be performing my own songs and covers.. it's something perhaps you rarely see me doing, so you wouldn't want to miss this..

Basically it's an acoustic and more intimate performance.. so don't worry of loud rock full band music. It's more strip down and simple music..

Besides me performing as the main act, there are other acts playing before me.. come and enjoy some local music talents 

It's free admission. There's drinks and simple food there for you to order in that place. However, just some advice if you need heavy dinner, I suggest you have it before you come or eat at the mamak that is nearby the performing place because the "heaviest" meal you can find on that place is maggi goreng 

Help me to share this around, bring yourself and your friends to this gig, mark your calendar, come enjoy some acoustic music!

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Merdekarya on 10 Oct

Next Thursday night I will be performing on a public platform, in a place called Merdekarya. I will be performing my own songs and some covers, would appreciate that all of you my lovely friends able to come and support :)

You can check the website at for directions to the place. More information will come soon.
See you around !! :)
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