The Wednesday Open Stage #11


Had a great time performing at Sol Frontera. Did 4 songs -- 3 originals and a cover. I could upload the cover soon.. let's see how..

Thanks to those who came and support =)
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special single : COMPLETE


As promised, here is the release of my special single. Recorded this song in conjunction of a good friend of mine's wedding. In fact, I performed this song live in his wedding.

Anyway, this song is certainly special to me because it showcase a different side of my songwriting and music. I enjoyed the whole songwriting and recording process of it.

Hope you will be blessed by it.. feel free to share it around. If you want to get your hands on the track, please PM me for information. :)
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Check out this video done by David Chua.

He played a few songs on my 2nd album and blessed to know a talent like him.

Recently he shared with me this video he did and wow.. loved it!

Check it out..

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Wednesday Open Stage #10 pictures

Had a great time at the Wednesday Open Stage. Everyone on the night performed well.

It was Beverly Rachel's first open mic at KL. Kudos and cheers :D

 We did a live duet for one song. Civil Wars' song "same old same old"

 Did 4 song set : 3 originals and a cover.

Knees and Toes from Indonesia. Awesome duo. Love their music.

Next stop : Merdekarya.
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Everything has changed (Acoustic cover by Tim Lim and Beverly Rachel)


I got her into singing for Wednesday Open stage and then one fine day, Beverly whatsapp me asking to do a duet cover with her.. so we cracked our heads on what songs to do. In the end, this was one of the songs we decided to do.

She's amazing singer from Kota Kinabalu and her debut song making waves on KK. Go check her FB page and Youtube!

Had fun doing this. No doubt we will continue to do more.. if we are able to do so... :P

Feel free to leave some comments and please like/fav the video :)
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Wednesday Open stage #10 promo

Whatcha doing next wednesday night?

The Wednesday open stage is back and I will be one of the performing acts that night at Sol Frontera Of Mexico..

Not just that, I will be bringing Beverly Rachel too.. an awesome and young KK singer. She will be performing on that night too.. before my slot.

More info at

So.. mark your calendars. Need a place for music and food, come over next WEEK! :D
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NOV gigs

The upcoming public gigs for TL :-

Nov 13 : Wednesday open stage#10
Nov 14 : Merdekarya

Dropby if you are free! :D
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MGM concert countdown

One more month to the biggest Malaysian gospel night.

With great joy, I am pleased to say I am part of this awesome night. Tickets are available at a lot of places including Canaanland and City harvest KL. Of course, you can get it at FCC resource centre too!! RM20 for the ticket and a complimentary CD.

More information can be found on FB

Am excited to be part of it, love to see all of you there!
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