CYW school gig 180613


Had a great time with Change Your World crew at Bukit Bintang school. Glad to be given the opportunity to be part of a crew that create awareness about modern day slavery/human trafficking.

At the same time, let me introduce a special person..

This is Kelvin Lim, founder of Change Your World movement. He is a businessman, well-known local music producer and once was a part of the Joshua Race band. Such an honour to partner with this man in the cause of creating awareness about modern day slavery & human trafficking. I enjoyed every moment of our partnership and we will keep going like what their phrase says "engaging creativity to save lives"..

That is what we all believe in.. using what we have to create an impact in our community!

Get to know the cause more at
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thank you! =)

I just want to thank everyone who wished me.

Your messages, even as simple as it is, means a lot to me. 

I thank God for everyone of you for being part of my life. 

An awesome pastor in Ipoh always like to tell me that "the best is yet to come".. I believe so too for you and me. May you all have a fruitful life ahead.. Be awesome as always!

Much love!!
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never once

I am sitting down right now thinking and reflecting about my life.

At this point of my life, yea, who wouldn't..

Life is always full of ups and downs. Sometimes I am thankful for my life, sometimes I regret some things that happened or I'd done. Sometimes I wished I could have done things better, turn back the hands of time. Sometimes I feel as though I wouldn't want to trade the moments I have with anything else. Sometimes I feel blessed. So yea, there were good times and tough times.. times I really asking myself why i am doing this and times where I felt this is where God wants me to be.

So that got me thinking.. some moments of your life really defines you.

And sometimes it breaks my heart and bring tears to my eyes.

When I decided to do what I am doing right now, man, it's really a step of faith.

Yesterday I got to be alone in my church sanctuary for awhile and look back how my life have unfold. It's been one crazy adventure when I told the Big Man.. "alright.. You bring me into this.. let's see how far we can ride.."

Even though sometimes I don't have everything, but I believe I m rich in my God.

I just realized this year I faced lots of challenges which makes me asked God "what's going on?" This year have been a different level of toughness for me. I mean like seriously. There are many times I just feel like throwing the towel. Part of me then realized, perhaps God is working out something..

That makes me feel like God is encouraging me and affirming me about my life. I admit there are struggles but through struggles, it helps in building up our characters and shaping who we are.

All in all, I don't regret this life I choose.

Passion is one thing that drives me on. I cannot say it any louder than that.

One verse that always drives me is Matthew 16:26 - "What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?" 

I thank God for watching over me. Never once He leave me alone.

I thank God for every person I met in my life. I mean every person.

On this day, my birthday wish is that everyone will discovery their meaning to life, to pursue the dreams of your heart. =)

Can I encourage everyone reading this, whether you are young or old, pursue your dreams. I never regretted doing that one bit. Sometimes things work out, sometimes there are struggles, sometimes it might take time.. but never stop doing it. Live life to the fullest. Okay, it may seems simple to say.. but remember through struggles, we grow, we learn.

Thank you very much for all the wishes. I try my best to reply them. It's overwhelming. I want to reply them.. seriously.. although some people will tell me don't waste time doing it. I want you all know I value them very much.

Your love and your support encouraged me to fight on.

Cheers. Much love.

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Was in Sandakan from June 3rd to June 6th for Sabah Diocese's English Youth camp.

Led a few worship sessions there.

And the sight of leading worship in a very historic church building is beautiful. Seeing the sun shining down the glass.. reminds me of God's shining love.

gonna echo everyone's thoughts out there that DEYC2013 was memorable. I m glad to be part of it! :)
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