5th anniversary

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Can't believe it's been 5 years since the 2nd album was out -- "the day after".

Quite appropriate that my song TODAY was aired last week in a local podcast.

There was so many tears and sweat involved. There was so many joy and gratitude involved too.

Looking back, I believe all is worth it even though there's a lot of things happened behind the scenes, especially stories and testimonies. This journey has never short of hardwork and heartaches. 

Perseverance has always been the key for me.

My encouragement to you all, no matter which path you are in, stay strong and pursue your God-given dreams with faith and hope. 

As much as today's news have been overwhelmed by the passing of Chester Bennington, it's a reminder that life is short and we should spread love instead of hate.

His talent are among those who inspired the singer-songwriter like me and I pray these albums and songs will inspire more people out there that life is worth living.

It has been an incredible journey since and I want to thank all of you for the love shown. Looking forward to greater things ahead.

Greater things are yet to come.
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Frontera anniversary

It's always good to celebrate anniversary, that's why i agree to do this for Open Mic Malaysia because I am grateful for the platform given which helped me in a lot of ways, in terms of friendship, music and personal development.

Cheers to them and here's to more in years to come
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thank you Penang

Thank you Penang for the wonderful food and platform for music. Thank you Kim Haus for hosting my gig. I would love to go back there again and perform, perhaps to more places as well. See you all again!

Next stop : Open Mic de la Frontera #44 on Tuesday then #whupwhupwednesday on 26th July!
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"TODAY" on local podcast


It's any songwriters' dream to have their own songs to be aired in public so really, all glory to God!

I've been waiting for times like these and thank God for the strength to persevere. Thank you Rhema Radio for featuring the song that pretty much captures what life is all about and in fact, one of the lyrics in this song reflects my heart that my song will be on air someday. You can say my faith, dream or prophecy came true!

What a blessing. I believe more will come, till then, let the music play and share the good news yo!
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TLog episode 3


Another gig at Playspace, that means another episode for TLog!

Yours truly had the privilege to be among the acts that involved in this music festival which headlined by Pacific (from Australia). It was an awesome night of music, unfortunately I was tired to stay the whole day, thus the video was till Pacific act :S

Anyway, big kudos to Darren Teh (of An Honest Mistake) for organizing it and all the acts that did awesomely.

Till next episode yo!
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2nd July -- Playspace gig


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Playspace gig was another memorable one for me. Played alongside wonderful bands and meeting a lot of people. I am humbled by their comments even though I feel there's a lot of areas for me to improve.

Thank You God for the opportunity. Thank you to those who came. Thank you timlimproject band for this round, i think this have been an eye opener experience for you all.

I was reminded in some way and another that life is short, so be positive and just take strides. I pray that I have the strength to face each day, by God's grace.

Overall, another priceless experience.

Looking forward to a new experience in next one, which is in Penang. But doing solo this time. Ha!
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