2013 thank you note

I am sitting down in front of my computer, browsing all my pictures in 2013, reflecting the year..

Especially for myself as a songwriter and singer.. man.. it's has been one incredible journey.

Playing in simple gigs to the grandest of stage. Really thank God for every opportunity.

And I must say I enjoy the tours and gigs this year. Tawau, Sandakan, Ipoh, Kuching. Sol Frontera and Merdekarya worth a mention to. There were few more including Campus gigs with Change Your World.

Whether a crowd of 5 to 1000.. whether it's in school, church, pubs or massive hall.. my heart each time i go onstage is to give my best and hope the songs will touch the lives of the people.

I going to admit that I am never ashamed of my passion and my faith. That's me. And that's what has been fueling my life so far. To see music touching lives.

I really want to thank everyone of you for the tremendous support over 2013. Your love and support means a lot to me. I can't stressed that really enough. Thank you all for encouraging me (online or personally), coming to my gigs/shows, buying my CD, sharing my songs via youtube or soundcloud.

Special mention to the band : Yapp, Gracy and Ah Seng. I will miss you guys and I must say I enjoy every jamming session and touring time with you all. We will do more once I am back. Thank you for sticking together, thank you for your time, thank you for agreeing to journey this together. I will never forget how Yapp's noddle biting attempt on Ah Seng in Kuching. That itself will forever live in my memory. hahaha.

As some of you all know that I will be spending large part of 2014 at Kota Kinabalu to do my theological studies and also my worship ministry work there. At the same time, since I am at KK, I hope I able to enjoy the music scene in East Malaysia as much as I have here at West. So.. yea.. looking forward to my journey there.

Anyway, I am excited to step in 2014 with courage and boldness. I pray and hope for the same for all of you.

Keep rocking. Much love.
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2013 according to Instagram


how's your 2013 been? Thanks to Instagram, I get to basically re-live some moments.

Post by Tim Lim.
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More MGM KL reviews

Thought of sharing 2 reviews that is about the MGM KL concert recently

First on Christianity Malaysia. Go check it out :D

And also Ps Wah Lok's own review here on FB.

Anyway, still really grateful that I am able to be part of an awesome concert :)
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[free download]

happy 111213!! 

Christmas is around the corner and 2013 has been awesome year.....

to say thank you to all of you, please download this song for FREE! 

Yes i just said it. FREE!! 

Click this link, look for the download button and enjoy this song over and over again at your own comfort.

Have a great day, night, week, month.. whatever time you see this 

Much love.

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post-MGM night


it's truly an honour and experience to be part of MGM concert.

Honoured to be involved in this night. I am encouraged and honoured to be standing with so many talented singers, musicians and songwriters on this stage. Was reminded of God's faithfulness upon my life, believing that the best is yet to come. All glory to Him!

Thank You God for everything.

Thank you ps Wah Lok for inviting me. Thank you my fellow singers-songwriters for honouring God with your God-given talents and your humble encouragement.

Thank you friends who came to support. Thank you everyone for your support from afar.

Much love.
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The Wednesday Open Stage #11


Had a great time performing at Sol Frontera. Did 4 songs -- 3 originals and a cover. I could upload the cover soon.. let's see how..

Thanks to those who came and support =)
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special single : COMPLETE


As promised, here is the release of my special single. Recorded this song in conjunction of a good friend of mine's wedding. In fact, I performed this song live in his wedding.

Anyway, this song is certainly special to me because it showcase a different side of my songwriting and music. I enjoyed the whole songwriting and recording process of it.

Hope you will be blessed by it.. feel free to share it around. If you want to get your hands on the track, please PM me for information. :)
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Check out this video done by David Chua.

He played a few songs on my 2nd album and blessed to know a talent like him.

Recently he shared with me this video he did and wow.. loved it!

Check it out..

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Wednesday Open Stage #10 pictures

Had a great time at the Wednesday Open Stage. Everyone on the night performed well.

It was Beverly Rachel's first open mic at KL. Kudos and cheers :D

 We did a live duet for one song. Civil Wars' song "same old same old"

 Did 4 song set : 3 originals and a cover.

Knees and Toes from Indonesia. Awesome duo. Love their music.

Next stop : Merdekarya.
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Everything has changed (Acoustic cover by Tim Lim and Beverly Rachel)


I got her into singing for Wednesday Open stage and then one fine day, Beverly whatsapp me asking to do a duet cover with her.. so we cracked our heads on what songs to do. In the end, this was one of the songs we decided to do.

She's amazing singer from Kota Kinabalu and her debut song making waves on Hitz.fm KK. Go check her FB page and Youtube!


Had fun doing this. No doubt we will continue to do more.. if we are able to do so... :P

Feel free to leave some comments and please like/fav the video :)
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Wednesday Open stage #10 promo

Whatcha doing next wednesday night?

The Wednesday open stage is back and I will be one of the performing acts that night at Sol Frontera Of Mexico..

Not just that, I will be bringing Beverly Rachel too.. an awesome and young KK singer. She will be performing on that night too.. before my slot.

More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/576737472391676/

So.. mark your calendars. Need a place for music and food, come over next WEEK! :D
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NOV gigs

The upcoming public gigs for TL :-

Nov 13 : Wednesday open stage#10 https://www.facebook.com/events/576737472391676/
Nov 14 : Merdekarya https://www.facebook.com/events/176886935835446/?ref=br_tf

Dropby if you are free! :D
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MGM concert countdown

One more month to the biggest Malaysian gospel night.

With great joy, I am pleased to say I am part of this awesome night. Tickets are available at a lot of places including Canaanland and City harvest KL. Of course, you can get it at FCC resource centre too!! RM20 for the ticket and a complimentary CD.

More information can be found on FB

Am excited to be part of it, love to see all of you there!
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More AEW sessions pics

Thanks Wang for the beautiful pics :)

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AEW aftermath

Was an experience playing in the heart of KL at the SUKA. Did a few songs and the other performers were awesome too. Fun all in all.

Thanks Wang for letting me perform there.

More pictures can be found at FB
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MGM concert promo


It gives me great joy to announce that i am part of the biggest concert in Malaysian gospel scene this year -- that is MGM concert.

It will be on 1st December Sunday evening 7pm at City Harvest KL.

Really praise God that i am part of this.. Biggest concert i am involve so far. All the top Malaysian gospel artist will be there.. Patrick Leong, SAND, Ps Wah Lok and many more!!

Tickets are priced at rm20 which includes a MGM compilation album. Tickets are available in canaanland, chosen treasure bookstore.

For FCC members, good news that the tickets are available at the resource centre.

I am excited and pumped for it! See you all there!! :D
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11th AEW Sessions @ the Suka

Dear folks...

I will be performing at The Suka this coming Friday in an acoustic set

So.. why not spend your Friday evening here.. enjoy some music and food after a week's hard work.

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music moves #2

Someone send to me this 'paparazi' shot. Man, dangerous these days when people have hp.. Just snap whenever they want.

But what i love about this picture is the fact that everyone love music regardless how old and how young they are. I love it when i get to see how kids respond to music, so does the oldest of age folks too.
Indeed, it's a joy and blessing to be doing music. To bless someone with that gift regardless how old they are.

So... Keep playing, keep making music peeps!
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trying to BSB-ing..

the boyband in me was unleashed.. :P

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music moves

Whenever a total stranger comes up to me and said how much he or she enjoyed the performance and songs, that really means a lot to me.

That is something to be thankful for, something that keeps inspiring me to do music.

Thank you for your love and support. I promise to keep working hard :)
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Merdekarya on 10/10


Done with my Merdekarya gig. My first full featured gig there. Thanks for the support no matter in what ways.

Was quite an experience for me and grateful for the chance to perform my own songs and some covers on a public platform.

I know it wasn't easy for a lot of people to come because of the massive traffic jam around KL due to heavy rain but if you didn't come, fret not.. there's another public performance in 2 weeks at the heart of KL city..

Stay tuned for that announcement !! =)

Again.. Thanks everyone for the support..
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Merdekaraya promo

Will be performing in a place called Merdekarya. It's happening on Thursday night 830pm 10th October. 


Would appreciate if you able to RSVP your attendance, love to see everyone there! yes.. i mean.. EVERYONE.. no matter who you are.. 

Will be performing my own songs and covers.. it's something perhaps you rarely see me doing, so you wouldn't want to miss this..

Basically it's an acoustic and more intimate performance.. so don't worry of loud rock full band music. It's more strip down and simple music..

Besides me performing as the main act, there are other acts playing before me.. come and enjoy some local music talents 

It's free admission. There's drinks and simple food there for you to order in that place. However, just some advice if you need heavy dinner, I suggest you have it before you come or eat at the mamak that is nearby the performing place because the "heaviest" meal you can find on that place is maggi goreng 

Help me to share this around, bring yourself and your friends to this gig, mark your calendar, come enjoy some acoustic music!

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Merdekarya on 10 Oct

Next Thursday night I will be performing on a public platform, in a place called Merdekarya. I will be performing my own songs and some covers, would appreciate that all of you my lovely friends able to come and support :)

You can check the website at www.merdekarya.com for directions to the place. More information will come soon.
See you around !! :)
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platform school performance


thanks for having me around. Had fun there, a simple and intimate gig.

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new song on the way..

Had a fair share of fun in recording today. Nailed a new song which hopefully can be release at end of November. Excited to release this one because it shows a different side of my songwriting. Hope this song would turn out great, now in post production period. Stay tuned. 

For time being, i will just be doing singles to just keep you guys excited. Thanks for the support, ya, can't wait for you all to hear more stuff from me! 
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Freedom Weekend pictures

Check out some pictures of the event at Change Your World FB and FCC's FB =D
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Freedom Weekend

Freedom Weekend with the Change Your World crew was awesome! 

Let us all continue to make a difference in the community

those who came for the Freedom Weekend, here is their official website. Check it out, get to know them more!

If you haven't LIKE their FB page...https://www.facebook.com/changeyourworldtour.. go LIKE it, go share it too.. :D
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Flashback Friday : 1st album launch

was going through my old photo albums and was looking particularly at my first album launch pictures. One thing that struck me was that I am glad to see everyone that I know turned up that night and for that, I am forever grateful for your support.. you know who you are. Four years on after that night, your support has encouraged me a lot.. for that, a massive thank YOU and love from me to all of you. Cheers.
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Freedom Weekend (with Change Your World)

On 21st September at FCC, we are going to have a Freedom Weekend.

Freedom Weekend is an evangelistic event co-organized with Change Your World to create awareness about modern day slavery.

Bring your family and friends for this special night!

Here is the link on FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/226243624196295/

Join us for a great time of exuberant music as well as discovering the message about why we need to save lives.

To know more about Change Your World, log on to their website at :- http://www.changeyourworld.com.my/
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My Life (2013 version)


Want to hear something special? :)

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of my 1st album release, here is one track for everyone to enjoy.. !!
An updated version of the song that is featured in my first album. Giving it a fresh and edgier sound :)
Big shout out to everyone out there for your tremendous support over the years :)

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It's been 4 years since this album has been launch...

Eversince then, the album journey has been incredible. Ups and downs, meeting new friends, seeing how people are blessed and at the same time, being blessed by them.

The heart of THIS ROAD is about journey in life. Life is full of decision and sometimes we need a step of faith to make decisions as it shape every aspect of our life.

The album has very much chronicle my heart as I learn the journey in life and hope it encourage people at their point of their life as they go through it.

My favourite song is still gotta be "Lost in love/amazing grace". One of the first song I recorded for the album, it pretty much set the tone for the album. God's grace is always enough for us even when we feel we are so inadequate. I remember writing this song.. right after my devotion time.. reflecting how God's grace has brought me this far in life.. and indeed it still does.

That's why till today this song is still special in my heart.

Anyway, a big thank YOU firstly to God, for without Him, none of this is possible. Secondly to everyone out there.. family, friends, fans... your life have been a blessing and inspiration to me. Thank you all for your encouragement throughout this journey.

Cheers. Here's to more albums and songs :)
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somethin' in sept

come September, it will be 4 years since the 1st album is released. 

Here is one track from it.. the title track itself, THIS ROAD.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcement about what is going to happen in September.. there will be some specials and gigs to celebrate the auspicious month :D
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Sept Schedule 2013

September is going to be awesome time.

Here's what's coming up for Tim..

SEPT 4th Wednesday Open Mic at Sol Frontera

SEPT 9th 4th Anniversary online special
SEPT 10th Merdekarya
SEPT 17th Merdekarya
SEPT 21st Freedom Weekend @ FCC

If there's any new updates on gig dates, everyone will be informed.

September marks the 4th anniversary of my 1st album launch, thus we are gonna do a few special stuff to celebrate that. Stay tuned! =D
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ipoh 2013 trip

Gotta admit tours are tiring business but if you ask me, I want more. 

Being a blessing to others and able to see what God is doing in other people's life makes it worth while.

All in all, had a great time in both venue : CGBC and SPC. Thanks William and Sandy for the arrangement in respective venue.

Pleasant time in Ipoh, pleasant time to meet up with new faces and familiar ones too.

Of course, good food times too! :D
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bandjamcam #1


Lol.. that is a mouthful title...isn't it? :P

Recently, the band came together to prepare for the next tour.. so guess this song we did? one of my "older" songs from the 1st album. Still sound gold. :)

Anyway, love to see you in the tours!! :)
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mid-aug pitstop

Wow.. August is moving fast.. and here's some reminders of my upcoming performance

AUG 23rd Faith Anglican Academy Fund Raising concert
AUG 24th CGBC Ipoh
AUG 25th SPC Ipoh

So see you at those venue! Can't wait to be back at Ipoh =D

Stay tuned for September announcements too.. 

And I somehow managed to revived my Myspace account. I realized I have abadoned it a bit. SORRY!

Check it out at myspace.com/timlimproject... and Justin T is going great things at Myspace ya?

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Wednesday Open Stage #7


Did a 5 songs set.

4 original and one cover.

One of the original songs is a new song. So.. hopefully in future, you get to hear it again.

At the same time, I feel kinda proud that i was able to pull off the cover

Maybe I should do more covers .. let's see..

Check it out at this post :)

Great night. Great time. Great food. Great music.

Thanks to those who came.

More in future ;)
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live cover at Sol Frontera


Try guess this cover I did :)
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1st Merdekarya visit

First time performed at Merdekaraya.

Quite an experience. Probably will be back for more in future.
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end of july..

AUGUST coming!!

July has been quite an adventure and looking forward to August..

Here are some of the things I am involved in..

Aug 6th Merdekarya
Aug 7th Open Mic at Sol Frontera
Aug 23rd Faith Anglican Academy Fund raising concert
Aug 24th CGBC, Ipoh

If you are around, please dropby! :D
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Poll : 2nd album songs

Let's do a bit of poll..

since we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of 2nd album release, what is your favourite song from that album?

Love to know your feedback. So, make your opinion/vote counts :)
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KUCHING shoutout

on behalf of the team, we really enjoyed ourselves in Kuching.

Beautiful city with beautiful people

Thanks Garry being a wonderful host. Thanks for the wonderful feedback from everyone there.

A shoutout to my band as well.. one of most enjoyable trip we have..

we'll be back someday! :D
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the year after THE DAY AFTER is launched..


it feels like yesterday that I released the 2nd album THE DAY AFTER which was exactly a year ago. The journey has been incredible so far.. going from here to there.. sharing the love, meeting friends, being a blessing and in return being blessed.

My prayer that the albums will be a wonderful blessing and encouragement to you all.

Be updated over here, there's more to come, I believe

I love God, I love music, I love you all. That keeps me going on
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See you there! :D
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THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (official lyrics mv)


It's close to the first anniversary of my 2nd album release. I just want to celebrate all the great things and God'sblessings upon the solo project so far.

Here is one song from the 2nd album, titled THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

It speaks about rising above disappointments in life and facing tomorrow (and beyond) with a positive feeling.

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Open Mic gig @ Sol Frontera (JULY 10)

Played 4 songs set, had great time. 

There were other awesome performances too on that night. All in all, awesome time.

Thanks Shaneil Devaser for having me. Thanks to those who came and watched the performance.

I just confirmed with him that I will be doing another one in August. So, if you missed this one, make sure you don't the next time around.

More pics at FB page

*this pic is from Sol Frontera FB*

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forth the july

Wow.. how time flies...

Come this month, it will be a year since THE DAY AFTER, the 2nd album was released. Journey has been amazing and really thank you all for the support and encouragement.

In conjunction with that, we gonna have some surprises. Well, stay tuned for it ya! =D

Recently, did some recording with my guitar maestro friend Ah Seng...

We are working on a track.. a special track... for special release. You will know later what is all about. The track will be rocking awesome! 

Although busy in recent times, I been trying to come up with new materials which hopefully can be a blessing to everyone's ears. So let's see how it goes! :)

As for some gigs, if you haven't checked the events page, there are some happening this month..

Will be appearing for the third time in Sol Fontera's Open Mic gig hosted by my awesome friend who is making waves in local independent scene Shaneil Devaser. So, if you love music with a company of friends and food, come join the party.. there are plenty of acts that night.

Sarawak will be one destination I gonna be from 19th July till 21st July. See you there if you are at Sarawak!
On 27th July, will be part of this extravagant event.. called A Day of Praise of Worship.

More info can be read at http://christianitymalaysia.com/wp/day-praise-worship-12-hours-non-stop/

Will be on the 3pm slot and apart from that, feel free to join anytime that day from 9am to 9pm. 

So.. that's the update for JULY! Keep me in your prayers, keep showing your love!!
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CYW school gig 180613


Had a great time with Change Your World crew at Bukit Bintang school. Glad to be given the opportunity to be part of a crew that create awareness about modern day slavery/human trafficking.

At the same time, let me introduce a special person..

This is Kelvin Lim, founder of Change Your World movement. He is a businessman, well-known local music producer and once was a part of the Joshua Race band. Such an honour to partner with this man in the cause of creating awareness about modern day slavery & human trafficking. I enjoyed every moment of our partnership and we will keep going like what their phrase says "engaging creativity to save lives"..

That is what we all believe in.. using what we have to create an impact in our community!

Get to know the cause more at changeyourworld.com.my
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thank you! =)

I just want to thank everyone who wished me.

Your messages, even as simple as it is, means a lot to me. 

I thank God for everyone of you for being part of my life. 

An awesome pastor in Ipoh always like to tell me that "the best is yet to come".. I believe so too for you and me. May you all have a fruitful life ahead.. Be awesome as always!

Much love!!
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never once

I am sitting down right now thinking and reflecting about my life.

At this point of my life, yea, who wouldn't..

Life is always full of ups and downs. Sometimes I am thankful for my life, sometimes I regret some things that happened or I'd done. Sometimes I wished I could have done things better, turn back the hands of time. Sometimes I feel as though I wouldn't want to trade the moments I have with anything else. Sometimes I feel blessed. So yea, there were good times and tough times.. times I really asking myself why i am doing this and times where I felt this is where God wants me to be.

So that got me thinking.. some moments of your life really defines you.

And sometimes it breaks my heart and bring tears to my eyes.

When I decided to do what I am doing right now, man, it's really a step of faith.

Yesterday I got to be alone in my church sanctuary for awhile and look back how my life have unfold. It's been one crazy adventure when I told the Big Man.. "alright.. You bring me into this.. let's see how far we can ride.."

Even though sometimes I don't have everything, but I believe I m rich in my God.

I just realized this year I faced lots of challenges which makes me asked God "what's going on?" This year have been a different level of toughness for me. I mean like seriously. There are many times I just feel like throwing the towel. Part of me then realized, perhaps God is working out something..

That makes me feel like God is encouraging me and affirming me about my life. I admit there are struggles but through struggles, it helps in building up our characters and shaping who we are.

All in all, I don't regret this life I choose.

Passion is one thing that drives me on. I cannot say it any louder than that.

One verse that always drives me is Matthew 16:26 - "What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?" 

I thank God for watching over me. Never once He leave me alone.

I thank God for every person I met in my life. I mean every person.

On this day, my birthday wish is that everyone will discovery their meaning to life, to pursue the dreams of your heart. =)

Can I encourage everyone reading this, whether you are young or old, pursue your dreams. I never regretted doing that one bit. Sometimes things work out, sometimes there are struggles, sometimes it might take time.. but never stop doing it. Live life to the fullest. Okay, it may seems simple to say.. but remember through struggles, we grow, we learn.

Thank you very much for all the wishes. I try my best to reply them. It's overwhelming. I want to reply them.. seriously.. although some people will tell me don't waste time doing it. I want you all know I value them very much.

Your love and your support encouraged me to fight on.

Cheers. Much love.

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Was in Sandakan from June 3rd to June 6th for Sabah Diocese's English Youth camp.

Led a few worship sessions there.

And the sight of leading worship in a very historic church building is beautiful. Seeing the sun shining down the glass.. reminds me of God's shining love.

gonna echo everyone's thoughts out there that DEYC2013 was memorable. I m glad to be part of it! :)
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