2nd album aftermath


Enjoy some after scene once 2nd album show ended...

Featuring family and friends, Malaysians and Koreans, a famous local band and a dancing baby.
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BB talent night highlights

One of the things that I was involved when I was touring KK few weeks for being the judge for the talentnight..

The night was fun and here are the highlights.. ENJOY!

(video by Sam Vun)
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Who didn't come for the 2nd album launch in KL?? aiya.. 

Sorry for the delay but finally we have some footage from the album launch. Here is one..... in midst of presenting all of my new songs off the 2nd album, managed to find time to do a live cover. A well-known song that rings in everyone's head and circling around Youtube -- it's Lifehouse's EVERYTHING. 

Hope you enjoy it and more footage of the launch will be out from time to time.. stay tuned! :D

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Was honored to be part of an event that is such of a kind -- 12 hours non-stop worship on 17th September.

Different bands coming in hourly to lead worship and my slot was evening. All in all, God's presence was so strong and I had a good time leading there.

I admit towards the event, it wasn't easy for me because all the tours and event logistics but I learnt that when you surrender all to God, He will do great things. Indeed He did!!

Thank you those who were part of the team, those who came, those who prayed for us and with us.

All glory to God!!
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what does THE DAY AFTER means to you?

As I was preparing for my album release, I 'googled' the title "THE DAY AFTER" to see what it means to some people...

I found one forum and this person from US shared this..

Well, for me it means a second chance, moving on from difficult times, or problems, it means i have another try to dig deeper, it means time, and how it passes without notice and how relevant it is to our lives, and how we are destined to die, it means that thin line between happiness and sadness and the struggles we face day after day. it means you have to perservier and continue to try to reach your goals, it means to stand up for what you think is wrong and take action. it means there is hope. for me day after today means hope. ... or tomorrow

So, whoever, wherever you are... thanks! You captured and summarize what my album theme is all about. =)

Anyway, love to know more from everyone what "THE DAY AFTER" means to you.. feel free to comment, drop a FB message, etc etc.

My hope this 2nd album continue to encourage you no matter what season you are in.

Much love.
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3 years after 090909

It's been 3 years since THIS ROAD was released.

It's been a long and winding road but enjoying every journey so far. Thank God for giving me this opportunity to do this and how He has lead me so far. Indeed, without Him, all this is not possible.

Besides that, special thanks to Jonathan Tse for his advice and help in making this possible.. thanks bro, forever grateful for your help.

Not forgetting support from family & friends everywhere.. it's your encouragement that keeps going on. 

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SEPT 8th at ASC BB Talentnight

Was asked to be at All Saints' Boys Brigade's Talentnight. Performing and judging.

Yes.. was one of the panel of judges. The main one to be exact. Being one is not easy. Lots of good performance there, for their age I do wanna give them credit for working hard and being courageous.

Ended the night with my turn to perform. Hahaha..

Overall, quite a fun night as well! =D
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Sept 7th KK tour

Nice lighting. nice backdrop. Simple yet fun show. Quite an experience to play in such intimate set.

Was held at All Saints KK and glad to see many friends turnout. Quite fun and hope everyone was bless by it.
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when your friend covers your song...


I think I gotta get use to this feeling soon...

Someone once told me...when someone covers your song, means you are famous? hahaha..

My joker friend Mickey did a cover of one of my 2nd album song, HOLD ON TO few weeks ago during Faith Music's in-house battle of the band. 

Enjoy this video...
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