I have decided MV by Jon Tse


Present you the music video by my album producer Jonathan Tse. It's "I have decided" from his 2nd album "I'm Alive". Enjoy it!

Psss.. that guitar he is using, it's my guitar.. cameo of my guitar! :p
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easter 2011

My easter weekend ...

Good Friday -
FCC run an event that covers the 7 last words of Jesus. Something interesting which we had a simple orchestra plus simple acoustic set of songs with 7 preaching based on the 7 last words of Jesus. Turned out well and the hall was full till the max.

Easter Sunrise for FCC English service.
Me and the FCC WT presented two self-composed songs, primarily written by Ah Seng. It was cool, hopely we as a WT can do more self-composed songs, which honestly I love it and I enjoyed doing it.

Chinese service had this special guest performing while BM service have a great celebration service.

All and all, it's been a good Easter, and I hope this Easter really have impacted your life as much as mine.

May God continue to shine His light upon us.
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TL's Easter cover 2011 - how deep the Father's love for us


I was asked to sing this song, How deep the Father's love for us, written by Stuart Townend, on Good Friday 2011 at FCC. With that, I decided to do a simple acoustic guitar cover of that song for everyone else to hear and be bless.

John 3:16
For God so love the world that He gave His son to us, so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Have a great and meaningful Easter and may the Lord shine upon your life. May the message of the Cross bring salvation and hope to your life.

Thanks to Sam Vun (of Nosensei Production) for the editing.
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301010 - Marvelous Change Mini-Documentary


It’s a video that has a bit overdue.. haha.. but anyway..

On 30th October 2010, me and crew was in Ipoh for an event organized by St Peter’s Church Youth group called Marvelous Change and indeed we had a blast there. Here are some highlights of our trip there.

Video credit :- Sam Vun (of Nosensei Productions) for recording and editing

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Easter weekend


Good Friday Practice by FCC from Rize on Vimeo.

Preparing for Good Friday and Easter weekend.

Come join us at Faith Christian Centre
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lazy Friday

A random idea just came to me while working..so random that I gotta do it..

Yes, by mixing Bruno Mars' song and Rebecca Black's song, then wah-lah.. you get lazy Friday...!!

Ironically on a Friday.. yes, busy Friday and I m singing lazy Friday.. so contradicting...

Have fun viewing it, mm.. this is the rare moment you see me doing funny covers, i promise i will put up serious ones in future...

DISCLAIMER :- I did get back to work because it's a busy day at office...
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free download song!


Hey everyone!!

How's 2011 so far for you all?? Hope things going well..

I just wanna let everyone know that my song Lost in Love/Amazing Grace is available for free download at my BandPage site(at www.facebook.com/timlimproject) and also my Reverbnation page @ http://www.reverbnation.com/timlimproject

So please download it and enjoy it. At the same time also, please feel free to share it with your friends ;)

Hope you all be blessed by the song and will update you all with more upcoming things from me..

Much love,


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Opening for Jon Tse's Ipoh concert


Opened Jonathan Tse's concert at Ipoh with a new song that would be out on my next album. Yes, I gave Ipoh folks the honor to hear it first hand..!!

The opening act went well and I enjoyed it. Jon's concert went great too.. everyone enjoyed the night and many lives responded to know Jesus more.. Praise the Lord!!

You can view more pics at FB album.
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visit SMI CF

1st April - Certainly it's not April Fool joke that Tim Lim able to visit his alma mater after 7 years -- St Michael's Ipoh.

It's been 7 years since I last step my foot on this school, yes that long. Anyway, was there to share at the SMI CF meeting.

Lead some worship songs, share and sang a few of my songs. Was a simple meeting but yet, glad to be there to spend time with the students there and encourage them to continue move forward with faith for God.

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