somethin' in sept

come September, it will be 4 years since the 1st album is released. 

Here is one track from it.. the title track itself, THIS ROAD.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcement about what is going to happen in September.. there will be some specials and gigs to celebrate the auspicious month :D
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Sept Schedule 2013

September is going to be awesome time.

Here's what's coming up for Tim..

SEPT 4th Wednesday Open Mic at Sol Frontera

SEPT 9th 4th Anniversary online special
SEPT 10th Merdekarya
SEPT 17th Merdekarya
SEPT 21st Freedom Weekend @ FCC

If there's any new updates on gig dates, everyone will be informed.

September marks the 4th anniversary of my 1st album launch, thus we are gonna do a few special stuff to celebrate that. Stay tuned! =D
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ipoh 2013 trip

Gotta admit tours are tiring business but if you ask me, I want more. 

Being a blessing to others and able to see what God is doing in other people's life makes it worth while.

All in all, had a great time in both venue : CGBC and SPC. Thanks William and Sandy for the arrangement in respective venue.

Pleasant time in Ipoh, pleasant time to meet up with new faces and familiar ones too.

Of course, good food times too! :D
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bandjamcam #1


Lol.. that is a mouthful title...isn't it? :P

Recently, the band came together to prepare for the next tour.. so guess this song we did? one of my "older" songs from the 1st album. Still sound gold. :)

Anyway, love to see you in the tours!! :)
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mid-aug pitstop

Wow.. August is moving fast.. and here's some reminders of my upcoming performance

AUG 23rd Faith Anglican Academy Fund Raising concert
AUG 24th CGBC Ipoh
AUG 25th SPC Ipoh

So see you at those venue! Can't wait to be back at Ipoh =D

Stay tuned for September announcements too.. 

And I somehow managed to revived my Myspace account. I realized I have abadoned it a bit. SORRY!

Check it out at and Justin T is going great things at Myspace ya?

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Wednesday Open Stage #7


Did a 5 songs set.

4 original and one cover.

One of the original songs is a new song. So.. hopefully in future, you get to hear it again.

At the same time, I feel kinda proud that i was able to pull off the cover

Maybe I should do more covers .. let's see..

Check it out at this post :)

Great night. Great time. Great food. Great music.

Thanks to those who came.

More in future ;)
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live cover at Sol Frontera


Try guess this cover I did :)
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1st Merdekarya visit

First time performed at Merdekaraya.

Quite an experience. Probably will be back for more in future.
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