IT IS DONE (FCC cover)


Yes, we did the cover! :D

This cover has two reasons.. did it for Sidney Mohede's Youtube contest and also for our own Easter presentation.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Thank you to those who were involved! Appreciate your dedication and time for this :)

God be glorified!
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Do You Believe?


That someone came to rescue us.. so we can be saved? :)
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Man Of Sorrow


A single released by Hillsong to reflect the Easter season.
May this Easter brings us closer to God as we reflect of the power of the Cross.

Trivia : I read this song will be in their new worship album.
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Easter Countdown

Recently, did a Easter cover.. and planning to release it by Easter Sunday.

At the meantime, while we wait.. here's two of my previous Easter Cover..

How deep the Father's love -- covered in 2011.

This was done last year, covering "lead me to the Cross" by Hillsong United/Brooke Fraser.

Most importantly, we are counting down towards the most important date in Christian calendar.. that's Easter. It's where we remember the sacrificial love shown by Jesus for everyone.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

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weekly weds update..

did you know this song can be downloaded for free?? :D

It is not featured in my 2nd album, rather, it's a special track recorded last year. Click the link, look for the download button and enjoy the song as much as you want! :D
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Everlasting God (TL cover)

ok.. since i am up in the morning, since the upload is done.. let's share this then? :D

Here's the story of the cover..

One fine afternoon.. trying to practice my vocals and guitar.. then had ideas to do covers...

I did a lot of covers that afternoon.. there's one particular song I wanted to do but failed...
Then, i proceed to do more... yea.. there's few others and i think this was one of the better shots done that time.. 

Just hope you enjoyed the raw acoustic cover of it.. please enjoy it! If you like it, feel free to share it. If you don't like it, err.. just leave it alone :P

Doing more soon.. hopefully.. so stay tuned! :P

Be bless on this Friday morning! :D
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