bye 2011//hello 2012

What a year it has been so far, 2011...

First, I must thank God for everything so far. Without Him, I don't think all my solo projects will be taking off. I believe in His leading and His timing. I believe He has greater plans than even myself can imagine. So looking forward to see what You have, boss-from-above.

This year it's has been an incredible journey. Been to places (although visited Ipoh very often =P) and met awesome people along the way. I just want to express my utmost appreciation to everyone who came to my concerts, had fellowship with us, helped us, prayed for us, bought my album. You never know much your support and presence mean to me and the crew. We are truly blessed by you all.

I also want to express my thanks to crew especially the band members who toured with me. Thanks for the support, help, time and sacrifice. I truly enjoyed our time together. Hope for more fun times ahead!

Not forgetting, I want to express my appreciation to my parents, Jonathan Tse, Rev Chor Kee for all your advice and support as well.

Well, I believe the journey gets better year after year!!
So stay tuned for 2012.. all I can say right now, 2nd coming is inevitable!

**You can read all about our 2011 highlights on the right side of the page**

Hello 2012. See you all there.

Much love
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born is the King


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Shine Like Stars // 20th Aug 2011 // shine away!


Was looking through some pictures and videos recently, realized I miss this video out.

This taken during Shine Like Stars in FCC in August 2011.

We did this cool thing --- switching on our handphones(or whatever cool gadget) lights to symbolized that we are called to shine like stars in the night..

And the song we sung here.. just classic stuff...

Still.. we want to shine for HIM! =)
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"change your world" with RELENT/1am pictures

On Saturday evening, FCC welcomed the visit of RELENT/1am ministry...

I started off the night with few songs, including my new song for my upcoming new album.
Lots of places have heard THAT song during my tour but it was my first time performing THAT song in front of FCC crowd...heard some good feedbacks..yay! =)

Great time opening.. and after that RELENT took over..

The night went well overall, it was rocking time all in all. About 200 ++ people turned out.

Had a great time of hanging out with them as well.. we enjoyed our time together so much that in future, we love to work with each other.. yup.. will see what's coming in future.

Anyway for pictures of the night, check them out on Facebook.
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Relent/1am at FCC


My good friends from RELENT/1am will be at FCC Saturday Night service on 12th November 6pm!
They will be leading worship and sharing the message of changing your world for Christ.

Yours truly will be opening the night with few songs. Who knows I would preview some new songs of my own? ;)

Anyway, share this promo video around.

More details :-

Come and join us!
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bebot duet

It was a random Sunday evening.. then good old Mickey came along and showed me his ipad.. and the bebot app... next time we know, we decided to do a duet on the spot..

guess the song we are doing.. have fun listening!
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CGBC trip

Back in Ipoh again for the weekend for a visit at CGBC (canning garden baptist church). Was invited to share at their workshop then lead a concert.

Here are some chronicles of our journey..

9pm - Escaping KL jam to make our way to Ipoh..
11pm - Reach Ipoh. Meet our friendly person-in-charge of the event Mr William Chin
1115pm - Check in to our guest house. Lovely place...
1130pm - Late dinner/supper at Tong Sui Kai. We never fail to visit this place. We just love the beef noodles and mixed fruit ice dessert here.
1240am - Back home to unwind..and sleep!

1st October
9am - Breakfast at old town. Tried their famous egg tart, coffee, noodles
1030am - Soundcheck, setup for concert
12pm - Lunch nearby
130pm - Start workshop with the youths. It was a good experience for me to be able to share with them what is worship.
4pm - Concert time. It was good despite the last minute push for the event, glad to see people came.

We had a good time worshiping and great fellowship too..
630pm - We visited Take a Break point after knowing it from FB. Tried their macrons, was good.
645pm - After much heard and see about Michangelo, a pizza place at Ipoh, went there to have dinner. Well, the pizzas are oven stone-baked which makes the pizza tasty. Seriously yummy pizza!
745pm - Went Ipoh Parade for shopping...
1030pm - 2nd round of Tong Sui Kai. Yes, it is how much we love that place..
1145pm - Rest..

2nd October
8am - Breakfast
9am - We attended service at St Peter's Church
11am - Another round of shopping...
1230pm - Lunch with parents.
140pm - Back home to pack..
230pm - Leave Ipoh to KL

Overall, it was blessed journey. Had a great time meeting new friends and old friends as well.

Lots of fun with everyone. I thank the crew that followed :- Gracy, Joanne, Yapp and Mel. On behalf of them, we really enjoyed our time and thank God for a wonderful time.

I wanna thank William Chin and CGBC for wonderful fellowship during our trip there.

In this journey/trip, I did see how God used me to be a blessing and encouragement to others. That fact really made me grateful to Him for His leading so far. All I can do is just surrender to Him and let Him work mightily in everyone's life.

I guess this is the 'last' trip outstation as Christmas period is drawing near. But I guess we will look forward to next year then..
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TL visits CGBC

According to my blog post, this should be the 100th entry.. wow.. after 2 years, only reach that milestone.. hahaha...

Anyway, I will be on the road again, back to lovely Ipoh once again. This time, CGBC will be the destination.

I will be giving a workshop in the afternoon then a concert at 4pm. So if you are around, do dropby..!!

Really looking forward to this trip, as my band been practicing hard for it. Yup, we are pretty excited for this trip.

So ya, see you there..!!
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It's Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

Been thinking and praying about it..
I think I have found a date for my album launch..
A step closer to reality, oh yea..
Just pray everything will go well towards that 'date'..
When you may ask..
All I can say it's next year.. first clue...
2nd clue.. you just wait wait wait, who knows I drop more clues as time passes...

Cant wait..! =D
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MGM showcase

Went to MGM Songwriters Showcase on 10th September.

MGM stands for Malaysian Gospel Music and its function to promote more local Christian music among Malaysians.

I sang 2 unheard worship songs I composed few years ago.
One of it is among the first worship songs I composed, it's called CRY HOLY. Glad to hear it still speak so much to people as it was in the past.
The other was raw and even before the showcase, I try to re-arrange the melody of the song a bit, try my best to update the style a bit -- called Let Revival Fall. It was a gamble but I took it.. haha.. but glad to receive the feedback and learn from it.

Overall, it was a great experience and a great encouragement to be there. It encouraged me as a Christian songwriter to write good songs for the Lord and see local Christian music impacting the community. I am convicted and hope to bring such message to wherever I go, starting with FCC.

Met the well-know local Christian songwriters like Patrick Teoh and Ps. Ng Wai Lok. Great to be able to interact and get to know them in person.
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cheers for 2 years..


It was 1am plus, was practicing and preparing for MGM showcase...took time to say some words and sing a random song...

Anyway, thank God, praise God -- it's been 2 years since THIS ROAD has been out. I m glad how God has used me and this album, my prayer is that it will continue to be a blessing to many others out there.

Keep praying for me and my ministry.. will keep you all updated! =D

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Shine Like Stars // 20th Aug 2011 // lookback vids

Some videos related to 20th August 2011 Shine Like Stars concert at FCC

Here's what happen before concert..

And here's the fun part, inviting Mickey to teach everyone his Tell the World dance moves..

Easy to learn eh? hahaha...

The highlights for the night's concert will be up soon by Faith Media but for now, enjoy these vids.
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Shine Like Stars // 20th Aug 2011 // Pictures


Shine Like Stars concert on 20th August 2011 gone in the history but it's awesome and amazing time of praising Him.

Enjoyed the night and to relive some moments.. here are some picture links for you to enjoy.

Really praise and thank God for the great night. Wanna thank those involved as well -- all the great people who got things done -- worship team members, ushers, helpers, etc etc.

Looking forward for more nights like these.
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cover for me outcome : beautiful like you


Sorry for the delay in the uploading of this video..we were so busy these days.. but hey, no need to fear, finally it's up!

In case you cant recall the purpose of this video, around early July, I had this contest where I allowed everyone to suggest a song for me to cover. Out from that list, I will choose one and do a cover for it..

Yup, from that list, I picked James Chang's suggestion of Lee Dewyze's Beautiful Like You.

Hope you all enjoy this version!

Anyway, I am always open for your suggestion for covers. You can write your suggestion on the wall of my FB fanpage at

God bless. Much love.

Video credit :- Sam Vun
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Shine Like Stars // 20th Aug 2011

Philippians 2:15-16 -- ..So that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain.

We lived in a world full of despair and hopelessness. However, we all are called to be the light that brings blessing to the people around us.

That is the message we want to bring out in this concert.

Come 20th August, not just we get to know each other more, we get to know our God more and more and enjoy His goodness!

Looking forward to exciting Saturday and I hope all of you can join us.

Shine Like Stars Concert | 20.08.2011 @FCC from Zermi on Vimeo.

You can click FB event for more info.

See you there!

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Reflections on 1st album songs

Nearly 2 years since This Road was launched, I thought it's time for me to share some interesting insights and background about the song list of the album.

1st song – THE ONE
The joy of having someone in your life, in this case, having God in my life means the world to me.

2nd song – MY LIFE
You live for something in life, there is something that drives you to live on. The heartbeat of this song is that I living my life the best that I can for God above.

3rd song – MY TRUST
Life can be tiring and taxing. Despite the challenges, we must strive on and stay strong. Trusting God with all our heart.

The message of the song is simple. United we stand, divided we fall.

5th song – HOPE
Sometimes when the world seems to be too much to bear, sometimes when things seems to be a burden, we can look up to God for He is our hope and strength.

6th song – LOOK INTO THE SKY
As we live our lives, we know that someone up there watching and protecting us.

7th song – YOU REMIND ME
People and friends come and go in life. We meet different people along the way in our lives. This song speaks of a person’s memories and relationship with friends and people

8th song – LOST IN LOVE(amazing grace)
God loves us so much that even though we are imperfect, He gave us grace and mercy. It’s a love that no one can give.

9th song – FAITHFUL
A love song that speaks of gratefulness and love towards God who is always with us through the ups and down

10th song – THIS ROAD
A reflection that life is like a road that all of us traveled on and all of us walk different paths.

Hope you really enjoy this first album and hope you can share it with your friends :)

You can listen some of the songs on my reverbnation and myspace account.

Second album in works, at the meantime, just spread the love around..
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Cover for me..


Hi, it's the month of july..and how's 1st half of 2011 for you all?

Well, time really flies..

Don't sad, I have a contest in line..

That's call "cover for me"

You see, there's lots of songs being covered on Youtube, ppl cover literally everything but now I am giving you guys the honor to choose any songs out there for me cover and the best idea/concept..well, I will sing it but acoustically..get it done on video so the whole world can see, and I will send you a free CD with my signature as a gift of appreciation.

Write your entry/answer on this note/link. I will scan through the list with my own selected panel of judges to decide which entry is the best...

closing date : 11th July 2011

The video would be out say..2 to 3 weeks, no promise but i say it's BY end of the mouth..

So get your ideas pouring in.. looking forward to read it!

Much love
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TL @ Infuse Encounter Night 230611


Just came back from Ipoh..

Was at Infuse's Encounter Night, leading worship and singing some of my songs there. All in all, had a great time there, the crowd was really pumped to give their all and hearts out to God. I believe God really did something in their hearts. It's a great joy to be spending time together praising His name.

It was simple and humble experience for us, most of all, we are really blessed by the hospitality of INFUSE. Lots of good food outing with them. haha. May God bless this ministry as they shine for God.

Pictures can be found on my Facebook fan page. Pic credit : James Chang.
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chillax at coffee bean ipoh


Chillax before sound Ipoh Coffee Bean...
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25th June Infuse Ipoh


It is this Saturday night!!
Join us... hope to see you all there!! :)
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TL vid-log - Just June-ful updates yet again...


Just decided to test the built-in camera function on my new office laptop. Have some notes and messages to say and just enjoy it then! :P

Looking forward to be at INFUSE next week.. see you all there!
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TL @ Refuge Studio - June2011


If you have been in the loop, yes I am currently working on a second album!

Here are some updates and random stuff going on in Refuge Studio, the studio where I am recording with my producer Jonathan Tse. O yes, another re-introducing of Refuge Studio to everyone.

Just keep me in prayer as we are in the midst of finishing few more songs, hopely in future, everyone gets to hear the good stuff ;)

Do check me out at and for more updates about this new album!

Cheers. God bless.

Video Credit :- Sam Vun of Nosensei Productions
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prepare to be INFUSE...

Keep your dates free on 25th June 2011 Saturday night... especially if you are at Ipoh..

Yes, will be back in the lovely hometown of mine which is Ipoh, this time at INFUSE, a youth group of FGA Ipoh. Will be rocking and sharing there.

You can check the details at FB.

Cant wait to be there and see you all there.

PS:- Thanks all for your lovely birthday messages =)
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TL at DEYC2011 - singing Nothing is Impossible


Here are some footage of how rocking DEYC2011 was. Was leading some worship sessions at DEYC2011, and here we are singing Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers.

DEYC2011 was a great camp and indeed, I believe the youths learned a lot in knowing how great God is.

Thanks for the memories at DEYC2011.. looking forward to more, but at the meantime, shine on for Him!
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TL vidlog - Just June-ful updates..


This is quite a random video because I was chilling in the office with Sam Vun and he wanted to test his newly bought camera. So what better way to test the new camera by randomly record some updates... hahaha...

To recap the video, June will pretty much busy month but exciting one nevertheless...

Firstly, yes will be off to KK for recording with Jonathan Tse for new project, new album =)

Next I will be at Sabh DEYC 2011, then back to KL attending friend's wedding -- singing in it as well(although didnt mentioned it here :P)

And yes, officially announcing that on 25th June will be at Ipoh to be at INFUSE night.

Hope to see you all around. God bless =)

Video credit :- Sam Vun of Nosensei Productions
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May-be schedule

Yea.. because some are confirmed and some are not... hahaha..

Month of May - my highlight is I would be my church's family camp.

By project-wise, I will head back to studio for new project recording. Yes, I scheduled to be at Jonathan Tse's Refuge Studio around June, which subsequently I will be the Sabah Diocese's Youth Camp.

Would be heading back to Ipoh for another gig and one CF nearby KL -- all this are not officially confirmed but will see how!

So..stay tuned for official announcement and updates!

At the mean time, did this simple cover for a childhood friend who is going to US soon with her husband..

We grew up listening to BSB and when BSB last came to Malaysia for concert, we and a bunch of friends went together to witness it. hahaha. Well, this BSB song is dedicated to her and hope she and hubby will have a great life ahead.

Alright, may May be may-velous for you all!
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FCC Easter 2011 - He's Alive


This is a recorded footage of what happen on Easter this year 2011 at FCC.

On Easter Sunrise service, we did a new song which was self-composed by one of our worship team member...yes...the main credit goes to Lo Shi Seng who compose this song.

The song is titled "He's Alive" -- a celebration cry that Jesus is alive which we all can rejoice and be glad on the fact that we are victorious!

Hope you all will enjoy this song.. I personally enjoyed doing this song especially songs that are self-written and composed. It is always fun to do such songs because you have a sense of joy and ownership to sing your own praise song to God.

And if you interested to know about FCC, you can check us at :D

(video credit: Zermi Ng)
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I have decided MV by Jon Tse


Present you the music video by my album producer Jonathan Tse. It's "I have decided" from his 2nd album "I'm Alive". Enjoy it!

Psss.. that guitar he is using, it's my guitar.. cameo of my guitar! :p
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easter 2011

My easter weekend ...

Good Friday -
FCC run an event that covers the 7 last words of Jesus. Something interesting which we had a simple orchestra plus simple acoustic set of songs with 7 preaching based on the 7 last words of Jesus. Turned out well and the hall was full till the max.

Easter Sunrise for FCC English service.
Me and the FCC WT presented two self-composed songs, primarily written by Ah Seng. It was cool, hopely we as a WT can do more self-composed songs, which honestly I love it and I enjoyed doing it.

Chinese service had this special guest performing while BM service have a great celebration service.

All and all, it's been a good Easter, and I hope this Easter really have impacted your life as much as mine.

May God continue to shine His light upon us.
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TL's Easter cover 2011 - how deep the Father's love for us


I was asked to sing this song, How deep the Father's love for us, written by Stuart Townend, on Good Friday 2011 at FCC. With that, I decided to do a simple acoustic guitar cover of that song for everyone else to hear and be bless.

John 3:16
For God so love the world that He gave His son to us, so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Have a great and meaningful Easter and may the Lord shine upon your life. May the message of the Cross bring salvation and hope to your life.

Thanks to Sam Vun (of Nosensei Production) for the editing.
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301010 - Marvelous Change Mini-Documentary


It’s a video that has a bit overdue.. haha.. but anyway..

On 30th October 2010, me and crew was in Ipoh for an event organized by St Peter’s Church Youth group called Marvelous Change and indeed we had a blast there. Here are some highlights of our trip there.

Video credit :- Sam Vun (of Nosensei Productions) for recording and editing

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Easter weekend


Good Friday Practice by FCC from Rize on Vimeo.

Preparing for Good Friday and Easter weekend.

Come join us at Faith Christian Centre
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lazy Friday

A random idea just came to me while random that I gotta do it..

Yes, by mixing Bruno Mars' song and Rebecca Black's song, then wah-lah.. you get lazy Friday...!!

Ironically on a Friday.. yes, busy Friday and I m singing lazy Friday.. so contradicting...

Have fun viewing it, mm.. this is the rare moment you see me doing funny covers, i promise i will put up serious ones in future...

DISCLAIMER :- I did get back to work because it's a busy day at office...
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free download song!


Hey everyone!!

How's 2011 so far for you all?? Hope things going well..

I just wanna let everyone know that my song Lost in Love/Amazing Grace is available for free download at my BandPage site(at and also my Reverbnation page @

So please download it and enjoy it. At the same time also, please feel free to share it with your friends ;)

Hope you all be blessed by the song and will update you all with more upcoming things from me..

Much love,


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Opening for Jon Tse's Ipoh concert


Opened Jonathan Tse's concert at Ipoh with a new song that would be out on my next album. Yes, I gave Ipoh folks the honor to hear it first hand..!!

The opening act went well and I enjoyed it. Jon's concert went great too.. everyone enjoyed the night and many lives responded to know Jesus more.. Praise the Lord!!

You can view more pics at FB album.
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visit SMI CF

1st April - Certainly it's not April Fool joke that Tim Lim able to visit his alma mater after 7 years -- St Michael's Ipoh.

It's been 7 years since I last step my foot on this school, yes that long. Anyway, was there to share at the SMI CF meeting.

Lead some worship songs, share and sang a few of my songs. Was a simple meeting but yet, glad to be there to spend time with the students there and encourage them to continue move forward with faith for God.

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marching in march...

If you have been following my FB updates lately, things pretty excited coming up and let me recap nicely so you are in the know of what is going on...

1) Recently recorded a new song in studio with Jonathan Tse. Hope you guys will get to hear it but how, well, you will find out in future -- whether online, a special EP or next album.

2) A music video is in work with Zermi. We already finished some shots and hopely you guys get to see the end product soon! :)

3) Will be in Ipoh in April...
Basically on 1st April, will be dropping by at my alma mater during my secondary school days to share at their Christian Fellowship.
Then next day, I will be opening for Jonathan Tse's Ipoh concert. If you are around Ipoh, do dropby. *Hint :- I might sing the new song there*

4) A phoot shoot might be on the works also..mmm..

5) Easter coming up -- the most important date in Christian calendar.. there's an exciting Good Friday service in FCC.. so if you are around KL, do dropby!

So that's what is coming up for me and if you around, do come and support!

God bless. Much love.
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2010 lookback :- pics from Tracks of Talent

Remember few months ago, I was performing at Tracks of Talent??

Yup, if you still remember. Anyway, just sharing a link from the people from Tracks of Talent themselves --click here -- some pictures taken by their photographer. Hopely gives you some idea what went on that night

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2010 lookback :- this road/the one @ UTAR kampar


A blast from the past....

This video is taken during my trip to Kampar in last year. Video credit to their camerman Shu Tze Yuh.

Basically it's just some footage of the Kampar visit -- here is myself singing THIS ROAD together with THE ONE.

Enjoy it..!!

Will keep you all updated about this year's plan. Lots of exciting stuff coming.... so stay tuned!! *hints : tours and tunes*
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