THIS ROAD journey to Ipoh


On the 12th September, me and the TL project crew was given the opportunity to go to Ipoh to promo THIS ROAD..

The promo/album launch/concert was done in St Peter's Church. Lovely crowd, all in all, the event went really went.

In short, all we can say that the whole journey and experience is something money cant buy..really something priceless...something that worth while.

We had lotsa fun and meet up with few people there and indeed we were blessed with our time with them.

Perhaps pictures can paint a thousand words and show you more about our you an idea what we went through..
You can, of course, check some from my FB fan page, where the pictures taken by Garry Lin.
There were others you can check as well, from Adele and Daniel Lim

We wanna thank those who came to the launch and also those who bought the album. I personally hope the album will be a blessing to you all.

Indeed, it was enjoyable Ipoh trip. =)
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pictures from 090909 album launch


More pics of the launch can be found in these following places..
1) Cedric's website
2) FB fan page - pictures taken by Garry Lin
3) From my aunty's photo album

Hope you will enjoy the pictures from the links above and also it gives you an idea how the whole event went, from few different prespective.

Again, really thank those who came, the band, the crew that worked so hard for this and helped out.
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THIS ROAD journey so far..

Just writing in to say thanks for all your support and prayers for the past two album launch events that we had, both in KL and Ipoh.
Thanks who turned up for those events. Thanks to those who purchase the album. Thanks to the band and crew who worked so hard for the events.

Mostly, thank God for everything.

Really looking forward for more gigs like this. Will update you know once we here get any official word about our next trip.

Pictures from the both launch event is now posted on the FB fan page. There are some videos posted on this FB page as well so hope you will enjoy them.

With this, like to announce that the album now is made available to the public. However, it is not totally in the usual market yet, because still need some time to negotiate for it to be in the market. So for now, there are only 3 ways you can the album...
1) Place your orders online through and we will work with you on how you can get your hands on it
2) For KL people, you can visit Faith Christian Centre to purchase the album. Who knows, if I m around, you can get my signature for free! :) If you need directions, visit
3) For Ipoh people, you can purchase it through St Peter's Church.

Those who have placed their orders through pre-sales, you can now collect the CDs.

There's all the note we have now. Again, really thank all for your tremendous support and do continue to support us and spread the love around.

Much love,
TL and the TL project crew.
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090909 launch


I just wanna thank those who came to witness the launch. Overall, it went well and I m glad to hear positive feedback from you all. Indeed it feels like everything happened so fast but praise God for His blessing and guidance in this event.
Also a special mention to the band members and the whole TL project crew for being part of this event that made this event a great sucess. Thanks for your effort and indeed I m honored to work alongside with you guys.

More photos from the event will be made available soon so ya, stay tuned!

Thank You God for everything. Now all pumped up for the next Ipoh!! :)
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Track listing for THIS ROAD

Here are the track listing for album..
1. The One
2. My life
3. (interlude)
4. My Trust
5. Creating Miracles
6. Hope
7. Look into the sky
8. You remind me
9. Lost in Love/Amazing Grace
10. Faithful
11. This Road

Hope you will be blessed by the songs from the album. =)
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today is the day - 090909

Wow..ain't it now more clearer that before...

After years of patience, months of hardwork and perseverance, days of anticipation, we have finally arrived on the day of the launch.

Yes, today is the official launch of my debut album THIS ROAD. Indeed, it's a testament of how God has been great in my life and to share this joy with all of you is indeed a blessing.

Tonight, the KL folks will be the first in the world to witness the launch and hear songs from the album. Certainly, hopely it will be a blast for everyone. Of course, finally the album is made available to the public for the first time starting tonight. So remember to come and support us!!

Coming Saturday, the party will shift to Ipoh and am looking forward to it as it's indeed overwhelming to do the concert at my own hometown.

I guess that's all I can say. Excitement and overwhelming is the words that is in my mind now.

Thanks so much for all your well-wishes and looking forward to have a blast with you all!!!

Much love,
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when the clock is ticking...

We are still very much in a countdown mood...yupz...that shows how excited we are...

As for KL launch date .. we are like 4 days away!! Not so far off eh? So KL folks, do remember to come on 090909!!

To the Ipoh peeps, the Ipoh concert will be exactly 1 week away. We hope all of you in Ipoh can come and be part of this exciting concert so remember don't come alone!!

So ya..the clock is ticking..start counting down!! =)
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1 week 2wards 090909

YES people..

We are just one week away from the official release/launch of Tim Lim's debut album, THIS ROAD. We TL Project Crew are pretty much excited as all of you about the release and we do hope everyone will turn out for launch on 090909 @ 9th September 2009 at Faith Christian Centre.

For more information about this, here's the link to the KL launch -

As for the Ipoh launch, oh well, it's 12 days..which is not that far off from the KL launch date. We too are excited to go down to Ipoh and spread our love there. If you are around Ipoh or Perak, dropby for support as well. For more info on Ipoh, here is where you can find out -

For both events, we encourage you not to come alone, bring your friends, families, neighbours to witness this joyous occasion.

Looking forward to see everyone then!! =)

Much love.
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