next gig : tamu-tamu #5

thanks for the support in the previous gig. Here's another one which I will be performing! You gotta come for this one IF you have missed my previous outing. It's at Biru-Biru and click this link to findout more what it is about.

So.. see you on that Sunday aye!

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Party Play open mic gig

Sang 3 songs at Shaniel Devaser's Party Play gig. Wonderful time of music, seeing many talented KK musicians displaying their music passion.

Thanks Shaniel for the invite. Thanks friends who came and support, even there's one came all the way from KL.

I know I haven't done any gigs here in KK that often but with whatever time and opportunities I have, I will do as much as I can. I admit I miss doing this (as I used to do this a lot at KL) so I am glad to finally perform at public again.

I managed to get my performance recorded. Maybe will post it up someday later?

There's more to come I guess? so stay tuned! :D
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Malaysia Day post


There are days where I get very disappointed and angry after reading all the injustice and biased news on social media about what is going on with this country. The anger often leads me to feeling sad that this is happening here but it also slowly leads me to pray that God will take control so that His justice will come upon this land.

I think this land do need prayers. We can mock the stupidity of some people out there but where does it leads us? Sometimes the best thing to do is to just let it slide away and continue to do good in this country. The country needs more good deeds in practical, not just good keyboard warriors.

Malaysia Day this year reminds us very much that we need to appreciate how God has bless this nation. Sure, we have lots of flaws and shortcomings but it's important that we keep fighting the good fight and creating miracles through unity together.

May God continue to shower His blessings upon this land. Happy Malaysia day!
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reverbnation update

Recently, got this update from my Reverbnation that my profile has rank up. Well, came as a surprise as i was inactive on that profile for a month.

Anyway, do checkout for updates.

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after 6th anniversary and beyond

This mic was the mic that i used during the recording of my first song for my first album.
From one song to more songs to then to one album then another album.. The journey goes on and on...

Anniversary of my album release always allows me to reflect back on the journey so far and be thankful. It is not so much about bragging rights, because there is nothing to brag about but it's all about God's Grace through out this journey.

I am thankful for all the support from you all again & again. even sometimes i am embarrassed by questions like when is the next album coming out. I want to assure you that it is in my mind and some groundwork is taking place. I cannot confirm when it is out but i promise to inform once everything is in place.

Nevertheless, i want to appreciate your undying support over the years

As this week is celebration of THIS ROAD's 6th anniversary, i want to let everyone know that the [online EP] is free for download!

Just head over to and look for the download button.

I hope you will enjoy the songs there and hopefully, there's more to come in the future.

Cheers and much love

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6th anniversary of 090909

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of THIS ROAD release, you can now get the online EP for FREE.

YES, it's FREE.

Head over to and look for the download button (should be on the left side of your screen)
Hope you will enjoy it and hopefully in future, there's more new materials to come, so stay tuned!

Once again, I want to say thank you everyone for your undying support over the years. Cheers and here's to more songs and albums in future

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countdown towards the 6th anniversary of the 1st album release -- part 2

On 9th September 2009, This Road was released and here is a playlist of some materials from first album. Thank you for the tremendous support since day 1!

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countdown towards the 6th anniversary of the 1st album release - part 1

To celebrate the countdown, I'm gonna do a series of throwbacks so let's begin with the first ever song I recorded for this album. You can say it begins the journey towards what you see today -- the solo albums.
I wanna thank Jonathan Tse for making all this possible. This first song pretty much sums up how thankful I am to all the blessings experienced -- it's all because of God's amazing grace.
Please enjoy this song! The best thing is, this is free for you to download and enjoy at your own convenient.
If you like to get a copy of the first album, please drop me a message.
Stay tuned for a few more throwbacks each day till 9th Sept.‪#‎malaysianmusic‬ ‪#‎timlimproject‬

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