that moment when i was called gor gor tim lim...

Check out this Eaglepoint promo video that was aired over the weekend at their church which was promoting Worship Unlimited.. check from 0.45 onwards... cute stuff.. hahaha


Anyway, don't forget to join us and check the link to know more what is all about. 
Come join us!!

Mark your calendars, share the love, bring your friends along!

Much love.
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Hey, excited to announce that I will be performing on 8th June 2012 Friday night concert during the Psalmist Generation conference along side other well-known acts like Jonathan Tse and Juwita Suwito.

Yup.. so pumped to perform there. If you are in Ipoh, do join us.

You can click their website for more info.

Woots.. see you!
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diving deeper

This won't be in my new album but thought it is too good not to share it.

I recently composed a song actually meant for my graduation class. This song is supposed to reflect  my study life at Tung Ling and here is the story that happens.

Every year, the students supposed to come out with a magazine to chronicle of our journey here at Tung Ling and their theme this year is "diving deeper". So yea, making a magazine is never easy, you need funds and funds don't just drop from sky, don't they....

The committee keep pushing us in the class to raise funds. Me being passive, sitting in class, just hearing them pushing us to get funds and then suddenly God spoke to me to compose a song out from that theme.

I immediately try to get ideas down into my notes in the middle of a class. Yes, you can say I composed a tune in the middle of a lecutre. Naughty student eh...

Naughty I was that I smile to myself saying I have a song for myself now. Well, sometimes God work in ways we cannot see and in ways beyond our plans....

A classmate came to me and asked can I contribute a song to the magazine since she realized some of our seniors did it before. I said I think about it.... because at that time, I have just the chorus written down... have tune but no verse lyrics or bridge yet. Like any songwriters, sometimes we take our own sweet time to write a song....

A week later, she chased me down and asked if I am serious about it... this provoke me to start serious on the song.. hahahaha... wrote part of lyrics again during lecture and finalize everything else at home. So yes, few days later I told her I have one song.

I was naive to think that song is just for fun until I was asked to present it for everyone to hear. When everyone heard it, it hit them and they loved it. From then onwards, we keep singing it and practice it for presentation until... man... it stuck in our brain like a tattoo...

We presented this song during our graduation... and now let me present you this song for you to listen...

I want to know You

I wanna be rooted in Your word
I want to grow with Your love 
I have decided to follow in Your ways O God
Your word's a light to my path

Diving deeper into Your love, into Your presence, into Your courts
Into Your love and into Your grace

I've found my reason
my hope, my joy and everything
You are the song I will sing
I've found my purpose
I'll walk by faith, not by sight
I'll give my heart to You God

I'm diving deeper, I'm diving deep into Your love
I'm diving deeper with You

I wrote this song in a upbeat tempo to capture our passion and energy in serving Him.

The story of Luke 5 in the Bible is the spiritual application of this song. This is where Jesus called His first few disciples into His ministry... calling them to be fishers of men and challenge them to come out of their comfort zone to go deeper in their relationship with Him.

It takes a lot of patience, commitment and courage to be fishermen, what more to be fishers of men. With that, Jesus just blew their minds off with a miracle -- they got the biggest catch anyone could imagine when they listened to him.

So there, the story of DIVING DEEPER -- that we want to step out to the unknown and doing great things for Him.

I really thank God for His leading in composing this song. I am amazed how He got me into composing this song and used it for everyone to be inspired in their walk for God.

Hope no matter who you are, this song can inspire you and your group to go deeper into His word.

Much love.
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Today I received another positive feedback about my 1st album -- THIS ROAD even after 3 years, the comments keeps coming...and coming... and coming....

I thank God because it come at such auspicious time as I prepare for the next album release.

Sometimes encouragement like this keeps you going on. I am bless and hope the upcoming 2nd album will do the same.. if not, better..

All glory to Him.

And yes, the countdown towards 2nd album is on....
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repeated telecast of ONAIRWITHCUZARIO


Watch live streaming video from onairwithcuzario at

In case you missed the live telecast :)
The video might have little problem but stay tuned for the updated version soon.

Again, thanks for the support. Cheers.
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offline entry after online with Cuzario

I want to thank everyone who watched the show live over the internet and all the support given.

It's quite a challenge to be live and online.. but yea.. have to be thick skin to face the fury of some fans if I played the wrong chords and sung the wrong key.. which happened actually!! Oops.

But it was a fun and great experience to do it and I thank my friends from RELENT especially Cuzario who hosted this show online to showcase our local talents.

We had a fun time chatting, interacting with the fans online, doing crazy stuff and laughing behind the scenes..

Anyway, if you missed it.. don't be sad... you can check them out again here ...


Again, thanks all for your support. Much love, peeps =)

Anyway, countdown towards 2nd album release is ON ~~ !!!
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TL live on internet


I will be performing LIVE over the internet on 21st May 2012 7pm (Malaysian time) in an internet show that is hosted by RELENT band member Cuzario.

I will be performing acoustic versions of my album songs and also be doing some cover songs. And yes, you can request some songs online, who knows I might take your request and try to perform it live and on the spot!

Here is the link where you can click to --

So get ready, mark your calendar, see you online that day! =D
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song cover :- Hillsong's Lead me to the Cross


The original plan was to release this cover during Easter weekend but due to various circumstances, it didn't go according to plan.. moreover Sam had to go for mission trip.

Nevertheless, it's finally out for viewing!! YAY!!! :D

I am happy with the video done, just that we encountered lots of audio recording problem but we managed to save it as much as we can to make it presentable.

I wanna take this time to thank Sam Vun for the collaboration over the past few years. He is going back to his hometown to work and I m gonna miss working and making videos with him. I enjoy each collaboration we did. Wishing all the best to him and of course, we will sure have opportunities in future to work again.

Anyway, enjoy this cover and have a blessed weekend ahead !!
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worship unlimited


I am excited to share that I will be headlining a worship concert held at Eaglepoint church (home to 1am worship ministry & RELENT), Puchong which is called Worship Unlimited.

It's basically a night of worship where people of God come together to praise His name.

You can click this link to find out more :-

So yes, would like you to come along.. remember bring your friends as well to enjoy a great time of worship and music.

Mark your calendar, share the love!

Much love!
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Was browsing through Tumblr.. saw this shared posted by Paramore...

That my friends, has little bit reflecting the theme and the feel of next album.. and also turning down claims that next album has the word "road" on its name.. nope nope..

So there you go, some tips about the next album concept...
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