TL visits CGBC

According to my blog post, this should be the 100th entry.. wow.. after 2 years, only reach that milestone.. hahaha...

Anyway, I will be on the road again, back to lovely Ipoh once again. This time, CGBC will be the destination.

I will be giving a workshop in the afternoon then a concert at 4pm. So if you are around, do dropby..!!

Really looking forward to this trip, as my band been practicing hard for it. Yup, we are pretty excited for this trip.

So ya, see you there..!!
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It's Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

Been thinking and praying about it..
I think I have found a date for my album launch..
A step closer to reality, oh yea..
Just pray everything will go well towards that 'date'..
When you may ask..
All I can say it's next year.. first clue...
2nd clue.. you just wait wait wait, who knows I drop more clues as time passes...

Cant wait..! =D
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MGM showcase

Went to MGM Songwriters Showcase on 10th September.

MGM stands for Malaysian Gospel Music and its function to promote more local Christian music among Malaysians.

I sang 2 unheard worship songs I composed few years ago.
One of it is among the first worship songs I composed, it's called CRY HOLY. Glad to hear it still speak so much to people as it was in the past.
The other was raw and even before the showcase, I try to re-arrange the melody of the song a bit, try my best to update the style a bit -- called Let Revival Fall. It was a gamble but I took it.. haha.. but glad to receive the feedback and learn from it.

Overall, it was a great experience and a great encouragement to be there. It encouraged me as a Christian songwriter to write good songs for the Lord and see local Christian music impacting the community. I am convicted and hope to bring such message to wherever I go, starting with FCC.

Met the well-know local Christian songwriters like Patrick Teoh and Ps. Ng Wai Lok. Great to be able to interact and get to know them in person.
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cheers for 2 years..


It was 1am plus, was practicing and preparing for MGM showcase...took time to say some words and sing a random song...

Anyway, thank God, praise God -- it's been 2 years since THIS ROAD has been out. I m glad how God has used me and this album, my prayer is that it will continue to be a blessing to many others out there.

Keep praying for me and my ministry.. will keep you all updated! =D

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Shine Like Stars // 20th Aug 2011 // lookback vids

Some videos related to 20th August 2011 Shine Like Stars concert at FCC

Here's what happen before concert..

And here's the fun part, inviting Mickey to teach everyone his Tell the World dance moves..

Easy to learn eh? hahaha...

The highlights for the night's concert will be up soon by Faith Media but for now, enjoy these vids.
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