Compass (live in KK 7th Sept 2012)


It seems a lot of people love this song. One of the tracks in my 2nd album.

Recorded live in Kota Kinabalu on 7th September 2012. Thanks Sam Vun for this live footage.

Some simple story about this song :-
In a world where everyone easily caught up with the rat race and busyness, it's easy to get lost in our own ways. This is where we really need God's word and love.
Like when we need to go somewhere, we need GPS, maps, etc etc.. or more old skol way.. compass. Imagine going somewhere without direction. How about if I throw you into the jungle without any directional aid, you will be lost.
Same with our lives, we do need God's love and word to direct us and lead us.

For it says in Psalms -- "Your word is a lamp to my feet, light to my path".

I agree with everyone that this song is nice.. one of my favourite songs I wrote in recent times.

ENJOY and PLEASE share it around =)
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Tawau 2013

A fruitful, "food-ful" and fun trip.

The gig started on Friday afternoon where I visited the CF that was organized by Good Tidings. Had a great time to share with students.

Next was later that night at St Patrick Tawau where I was singing in their acoustic night. Had a fun time there too.
Besides that, was able to share testimony and sing at 2 services at St Patrick -- Saturday Night's Bi-lingual service and Sunday English service.

In this trip, God really touched my heart and humbled me to see how God is working among His people and how God use people like me to bring blessing to others. Just amazed at His love during this trip.

Overall, it was indeed a fun trip. Thanks all for coming, thanks all for buying the albums. Thanks all who made me feel at home, thanks to the churches for having me around particularly Rev David Wong (good tidings), Rev Vun Fui, Rev Nickson and Bishop John (at St Patrick)

Much love! =)

More picture at my FB page.
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Night with TL @ Tawau

If you are in Tawau, don't miss this.

The event is held at St Patrick's Tawau next Friday.

Besides that, i will be in bi-lingual and English services at St Patrick. Not forgetting actually on that Friday afternoon, I will be at Good Tidings.

So, my Tawau peeps, see you around!
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expect and attempt


"Expect Great Things; Attempt Great Things"
--William Carey, 1792

Was quoted by Bishop Vun during his preaching over the weekend. Such quote is such an amazing reminder that we can do great things for God for He is such a limitless God.

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featured on MCSN

MCSN is short form for Malaysian Christian Songwriters' Network.

In their updated page, my profile is featured on their front page. Indeed, praise GOD for the journey so far. Honoured to listed together with all the great local Christian songwriters. This only can inspire me more, work hard, continue to improve my game, humble at each God-given opportunity and strive to be the best for GOD!

You can read more here.

Feel free to share this good news. Once again, truly honoured and praise God!
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TL's Tawau tour


To kick start the awesome 2013, I will be touring Tawau from 25th January to 27th January. 

Will be visiting two places.. Good tidings on 25th January Friday then at night, will be at St Patrick Tawau for the unplugged event. 

I will also be visiting the English services on 26th and 27th January at St Patrick's.

So.. if you are in Tawau, I am looking forward to see you around! :)
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another songwriter's thought

Recently I came to this thought that I want to improve and challenged myself as a songwriter.

I listened back all the stacks of songs I wrote over the months. Some were good.. if I keep looping them in my head, I think it's great. Some were just.. honest to myself.. average and terrible. I left wondering why i wrote such song.

Even when I turned on the radio, some songs.. honestly.. if you ask me.. are terrible songwriting. I do wonder why they even played on radio. Some are even sung by award winning artists.. and I honestly can't accept such 'lazy' song by them. Few 'pointless' lyrics then some few bombastic beats/melody or some sounded same like any other songs out there. If I able to question them, so what's the point of your song?

I came to a point that I told myself and God that I am not gonna compose any songs till something inspires me and hits me till it challenged me to write something different. Lyrics or melody-wise.

That's why i been listening to all sort of songs to get inspiration. Some did hit me.

And then recently I went to watch Les Miserables. The English literature, lyrics and melody really blew my mind.. I told myself I should write songs like that.

So thank you God for inspiring me.. answering me.. showing me. There's some inspiration right now in my head, thinking how to get it into paper or something tangible now. Hope someday it can see the light for people to experience it.

As a songwriter, I challenged myself not to write songs that are so 'comfortable' to me. Sometimes it's easy to compose and write songs that is soooo you or something that comes too easily for you. And I just don't want make songs that just sells or sound good. I want to compose songs that move people, that inspires people, that touch their soul and also challenge people to think.

So yea, it's a matter of pushing the gifts that God has given to me. Still learning the art of composing but doing the best that I can.
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it's 2013!

Fireworks are out as I am typing this..

well 2013 is upon us!!

Looking forward to a great year ahead with everyone..

Keep me in your prayers.. we gonna have a blast...

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