how it all started..

This entry basically is like my sharing and testimonial about how this project was birthed..

You can say it has been my dream eversince when I was young to do an album. Since then, I always been praying and seeking God for direction like how I gonna do it and who are the people I should meet. Yes..i been praying for this since when i was young. At first, honestly, I had this wild idea to be in a boy band. Well, that time BSB, NSYNC, Boyzone was super popular…or even MLTR. Haha. But i think it kickstart my passion in music. At the same time, i credited my passion in music to people around me in church life when i was young in Ipoh. My dad actively serves in the worship team so does his friends and my friends. With that, i always encouraged to whatever areas..and i picked up music instruments along the way.

But all in all, I can say serving God in worship ministry is the one that raised me and brought me where i am now. To add to that, I guess patience and time is a factor as well. 

So yes, long time ago in a town called Ipoh, I was actively serving God in the worship team in my hometown church, St Peter's Church. I was passionate to serve God in that area. One thing leads to another, well, I beginning to discover God’s calling for me, that is to serve Him in this area of worship and music. Again, I played with the idea of doing album but that time, it’s not necessary must be a solo album, even if I m able to oversea a church album, also I was more than happy. It is like I vowed before I die, I must at least do an album, don’t care if it is solo or church. Crazy vow I made uh? Hahaha.

I begin composing songs at the age of 16. I just random compose songs about anything..worship, relationships, situation, love, etc etc. The moment of truth came when I was 18 years old, I was selected by my school prefectional board to compose a theme song for the school’s prefectional leadership camp. I composed a song and submitted to the committee. I admit…I prayed hard for ideas! When I presented the song to the committee, they enjoyed it and thus, ended up as being the theme song for the camp. I never forget that feeling to see 70 students singing to the song that I composed. That inspired me to compose more songs.

For your trivia, that song I composed for the camp will be feature in this album. I cant wait for everyone to hear it.

Then one fine day, I met this guy who came over to my hometown church to do worship workshop. A certain guy name Jonathan Tse, who was young that time. Our friendship started off that time and because I was about to leave Ipoh to KL for studies, it is good for us to knowing each other so at least i don't feel so alone when i m in KL. Eventually i was introduced to the current church i m in now, which is Faith Christian Centre, fondly known as FCC.

In FCC, again like my time in Ipoh, I just want to serve God in worship ministry. I didn’t seriously think much about doing album at that moment, just like submitting it to God’s will and see how He lead my life. I was just happily living in the church environment, hanging with friends, studying hard, thinking about my future. Till one fine day, I and Jon discuss about album production. At that time, he just released his first album Purpose and I did told him my wild ambition to do something like him. From there, we exchanged ideas and i learn a lot from him. But that time, I feel time wasn’t right yet. I was still in UTAR, doing my Broadcasting degree course and still being financed by my parents. My focus that time was to finish my degree studies, get myself a decent self-funding flow and continue to serve God in FCC. There were few opportunities for me to join music bands but somehow i feel all these wasn't in the right time yet.

At the same time, I feel I need time to decide what direction the album would sound, if i were to do it. Choices were tossed around in my head, like doing a really circular album or a Christian album or worship album and what genre such as pop, rock…so yes, basically I'm trying to decide what musical direction the album would take.

It’s kind of funny how this things started again. I remember in January 2008, I think because it was before CNY, I was in a lecture then Jon sms me if I m interested to do an album with him. I said yes but after I finished my studies. Again yes, my focus is to finish my studies that time.

Fast forward to after my graduation and now working in FCC as a fulltime worship co-coordinator, I finally have time to start the project. At first it was a challenge for me because the whole project is self-funded by me. I m not signed under Purpose records, just to be clear. It is more like a joint-project by myself with the Purpose records. Yes, I m like a indie artist.

I recorded my first song in August 2008 after attending the Sabah Anglican Youth camp. From that song, the direction for the album became clearer.

The whole process so far has been an adventure for me. There were challenges along the way like doing recording at KK while I m working here, which means sometimes the production has been dragging on a bit. Self-funding the project. Finding the right people. Praying for the right direction for the album. All in all, it’s been a great experience with all the learning and a journey of discovering the right formula to bring up this project.

Alright, that brings us to current development. I will be putting some finishing touches to the last few songs of the album in April. At the same time, there are some people who are working behind the scene for the art direction, marketing and other related stuff.

I hope this album can be a blessing to listeners no matter who they are. Locally or internationally. Young and old. My heart and my prayer is these songs can touched lives and encourage them about God’s love.

Do pray for me as I journey on. At the same time, being much excited about what God is going to do in my life and also other people’s life. Awesome stuff…cant wait!

Much love,


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u compose song for skul
n its gonna come out...
which song is it??


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