story behind the song : you remind me

It's quite some time I type something here..

Love to take some time to share some stories about some of my songs off the album THIS ROAD.

Based on some feedbacks I received, most came to me and said they love the track YOU REMIND ME. Therefore, I love to share the story about this song and what is all about.

Tell me, have you been in situation where when you were hanging out with friends, having chats and laughs then someone randomly tells you, "Man, you remind me of my home town friend who talks/laugh/act like you." Or when you do something, then someone commented the way you do it reminds them of their father, uncle, friend, neighbour, teacher.

That thought basically forms the gist of the song YOU REMIND ME.

I composed this song nearly 3 years ago when I was still studying in university. I was sitting down one day in my room and thinking about all the friends I made over the past 20 years of my life. Some way in another, some of these friends have left an impression on you. Sometimes when you walk on the street, when you see a stranger or make a new friend, or the things that people do, perhaps they could remind you of the friends you have. Or when you are in a situation, you could remember someone because you went through that situation before.

It is in the chorus part I reflect on the fact that all of us are blessed with friends around us no matter where we are or at what stage of life we are at. Perhaps there's purpose God placed them in our lives.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed recording that song and in fact, it was one of the easiest track I and Jonathan Tse(my producer friend) recorded. We arranged it very simple and nice for listeners. When I listened back, I myself enjoyed it. Just proud that I able to record a song that can show my appreciation to all the people I met over the past 20 plus years of my life.

Hope you understand the song a little bit more and would glad to share more stories about the songs I composed.



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