CGBC trip

Back in Ipoh again for the weekend for a visit at CGBC (canning garden baptist church). Was invited to share at their workshop then lead a concert.

Here are some chronicles of our journey..

9pm - Escaping KL jam to make our way to Ipoh..
11pm - Reach Ipoh. Meet our friendly person-in-charge of the event Mr William Chin
1115pm - Check in to our guest house. Lovely place...
1130pm - Late dinner/supper at Tong Sui Kai. We never fail to visit this place. We just love the beef noodles and mixed fruit ice dessert here.
1240am - Back home to unwind..and sleep!

1st October
9am - Breakfast at old town. Tried their famous egg tart, coffee, noodles
1030am - Soundcheck, setup for concert
12pm - Lunch nearby
130pm - Start workshop with the youths. It was a good experience for me to be able to share with them what is worship.
4pm - Concert time. It was good despite the last minute push for the event, glad to see people came.

We had a good time worshiping and great fellowship too..
630pm - We visited Take a Break point after knowing it from FB. Tried their macrons, was good.
645pm - After much heard and see about Michangelo, a pizza place at Ipoh, went there to have dinner. Well, the pizzas are oven stone-baked which makes the pizza tasty. Seriously yummy pizza!
745pm - Went Ipoh Parade for shopping...
1030pm - 2nd round of Tong Sui Kai. Yes, it is how much we love that place..
1145pm - Rest..

2nd October
8am - Breakfast
9am - We attended service at St Peter's Church
11am - Another round of shopping...
1230pm - Lunch with parents.
140pm - Back home to pack..
230pm - Leave Ipoh to KL

Overall, it was blessed journey. Had a great time meeting new friends and old friends as well.

Lots of fun with everyone. I thank the crew that followed :- Gracy, Joanne, Yapp and Mel. On behalf of them, we really enjoyed our time and thank God for a wonderful time.

I wanna thank William Chin and CGBC for wonderful fellowship during our trip there.

In this journey/trip, I did see how God used me to be a blessing and encouragement to others. That fact really made me grateful to Him for His leading so far. All I can do is just surrender to Him and let Him work mightily in everyone's life.

I guess this is the 'last' trip outstation as Christmas period is drawing near. But I guess we will look forward to next year then..


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