story behind the song : creating miracles

Like to share some background about this song..

I can say it’s among the very first song I composed and it was really in an auspicious way. When I think about it, it’s just overwhelming to see how God works sometimes.

It was written like nearly 9 years ago for my high school’s prefects' camp. Every year, someone has that honor or responsibility to compose the camp theme song. Yes, I took up the challenge and I admit that time, it was REALLY a challenge.
The theme of the camp was about unity and I have to come up with a song that reflects that. I pulled all my resources together -- with limited experience of songwriting that time, I remembered myself sitting in my room, holding my guitar and cracking my head for the lyrics and melody.

Lo and behold, I successfully composed it. Indeed I was very excited to compose a song that will be sung by many people and few days later, I presented that song to the committee. I admit I was nervous at first to hear their feedback but thank God they loved it very much and immediately asked me to teach them to sing it.

Next thing I know I presented it to everyone to learn. I was taken aback to see and hear myself how people are singing the song that I composed. That I can say, it kick start my songwriting journey into full gear.

Received encouragement and all which lead me to believe God can use songs to touch people's heart.

When I had the chance to cut an album with Jonathan Tse, this is one song I really wanted to record for everyone else in the world to hear. And yes, right now, you get to hear it =)

The album version is much different than the original version I wrote which is much acoustic and a key lower. I just wanted to go with more "grand" feeling for the album version.

Anyway, the song's message is pretty straight forward. Many people always promote unity because there's always power and strength when everyone come together to do something. Like it or not, no man is an island by himself. We cannot live our life alone for we always need support from one another.

There's so much we can do but together we can do even greater things.

That’s why people always say TEAM means Together Everyone Achieve More…so this song reflect on that meaning…it’s called Creating Miracles Through Unity.

Hope you will enjoy the song. Share with your friends and your contacts.. share it on your site, blogs, FB, other social network.

Much love.


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