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When I was young, I always inspired to be involved in singing or performing arts in one way or another. I thank God for His leading so far, it's been a long journey since my youth days and for Him to open doors for me to release 2 albums, is a testimony of His faithfulness and grace upon my life =)

Through out this journey as an artist, it's been a learning curve for me. At first, even though I honored to cut an album, I admit it took me sometime to sink into the word "artist" -- don't know why, perhaps because of my naive heart.

But being one actually has its own expectations. Moreover, it's been a journey that requires a lot out of a person. There are ups and downs along the way.

After few years doing what I have been doing, especially in the process of releasing my 2nd album, I just have a few thoughts I love to share with everyone, some things I learned along the way and hope everyone can learn as well...

1) Humbleness
Indeed, humbleness will take you far, not just in music industry but any industry or work. Without humbleness, I don't think you will get to learn anything. There are a lot of things in life you really got to take it with a pinch of salt. No matter what people say about this cruel world, stand up in what you believe in.. especially holding on to your good values.

2) Cutting an album is not easy
Yes, it's clear alright. I know many many many have this ambition to cut an album. Be it as a solo artist, bands or even church -- ya seems like everyone want to cut an album, but REMEMBER, it's not easy as it seems because this really requires lots of sacrifices -- energy, time, finance, everything that goes with it.

So, KNOW what you are getting into. Know why you want to do it. Search your heart.

The most important question to ask yourself is why cut an album?

3) Support local music
This a bit related to previous point but in a way that, people have put in soooooooooo much effort in producing an album and the least we can do for them is to show our support to them by buying their CD.

The problem I see in local scene especially in creative areas that everyone aspect free gifts. Or should I say, take creative industry for granted. Hello, we need to see that creative areas is like any areas or industry out there.

Imagine you are work from 9 to 5...5 working days a week ... you put so much effort to get your monthly pay but at the end of the month, your boss tells you -- "You work so hard! Anyway, I know you very well, don't need to pay you la, save my money alright.."

Man, how you feel??

A lot of people failed to see there's so much effort made in putting together a CD. Look at myself, I saved my money for the project, I travel for recording, I have take time off from work, I have to take time to compose songs.

So why always ask freebies from artist? why always download?

I mean I not saying I m not gonna give freebies or saying I am greedy but sometimes, this bad habit gotta stop somewhere if we want to see Malaysian creative industry grow, if we want to encourage more great talents locally.

I admit it made my heart cringe when I said the price of my CD then later when I turn around and say I want to give for free, their eyes open wider.

I bet sometimes a lot of people out there don't see this from a human's perspective.

My hope that this industry continue to see the light of some things and encourage more local talents to showcase their skills and ya, TALENTS! :D

Anyway, just some honest thoughts.. hope we all learn something.

Peace. Much love.


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