Just came back from Sabah DEYC2012 which was at Tawau.

One word to describe everything : awesome.

Yes, awesome was the word to describe what God is doing in the lives of the young people of Sabah. As someone who is a west Malaysian Anglican, it's an honor for me to be there to witness myself what God is doing in Sabah.

Had a great time leading worship at DEYC2012, even though there were hiccups like guitar didn't work well, projector didn't work well but nothing hinders us from lifting His name high :)

I really thank God for the chance to be there, seeing 545 plus people lifting His name. I pray God will continue to spur everyone to rise up as a generation who will be passionate for His name.

Above all, all glory to Him! :D

More pictures at Sabah Diocese's website.


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