sharing a song : Tom Read's Don't stand at my grave and weep

Let me introduce a friend from Hong Kong, his name is Tom Read.

It was around 3 years ago I first met him. He was part of the Vine Band that came to FCC for a night of concert. Had a great time hosting and hanging out with them.

We still keep in touch once awhile via FB & Twitter. Few years on, I am glad to hear he is working on his solo album which will be out on September 17th.

His debut album name is called COMPASS. So happen that I have a song in my 2nd album also with the same name, and I nearly titled my 2nd album after that. No, we didn't like plan to have same name titles but well, great minds think alike?? Hahaha.. it's prove of how God can inspire people with great songs.

Anyway, read that he worked with well-known Tim Hughes for this album. Wow.

Follow his updates on and

Anyway, enjoy his first music video - Don't stand at my grave and weep.

Love the song very much, keep looping it and love the whole music video. It's fun and beautifully done.


Congrats once again Tom!! Hope to meet you in person again! =D


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