what does THE DAY AFTER means to you?

As I was preparing for my album release, I 'googled' the title "THE DAY AFTER" to see what it means to some people...

I found one forum and this person from US shared this..

Well, for me it means a second chance, moving on from difficult times, or problems, it means i have another try to dig deeper, it means time, and how it passes without notice and how relevant it is to our lives, and how we are destined to die, it means that thin line between happiness and sadness and the struggles we face day after day. it means you have to perservier and continue to try to reach your goals, it means to stand up for what you think is wrong and take action. it means there is hope. for me day after today means hope. ... or tomorrow

So, whoever, wherever you are... thanks! You captured and summarize what my album theme is all about. =)

Anyway, love to know more from everyone what "THE DAY AFTER" means to you.. feel free to comment, drop a FB message, etc etc.

My hope this 2nd album continue to encourage you no matter what season you are in.

Much love.


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