[2nd album] album concept

Let me tell you a story how this title come about and the concept behind it...

Firstly, how the title came was quite in a comical and casual way. It was few years ago when I was still studying in university, in a casual talk with friends. I told them I am going to do an album in future and they were saying it’s cool etc etc. Out of the sudden, he suggested “what about calling your album The Day After Tomorrow”.. he probably said it out of randomness. I honestly told him I already have the title THIS ROAD in mind for 1st album but I thought myself it’s a good title to consider in the future.

The title stuck in my head since then and made me ponder on and on again. Somehow I managed to find some significant in it.

True that, when one look at the title, we straight away think of the movie that has the same title. The movie itself, I don’t know what you all think but to me, it talks about surviving storms, disasters -- all the catasphore that struck human lives.

Ironically, to make it interesting, the movie 2012 is also has this theme and we are in the year of 2012… mmmm…

Similarly everyday we hit by storms, catasphore of lives. Some are visible like natural disaster or financial difficulties, sickness, suffering. Some are not visible ones like emotional or spiritual battles. All in all, everyone have their own troubles, whether we like it or know it.

I m not shy to say in journey life so far, I seen many people went through various predicament as mentioned. Even myself, I faced storms of life. Worries, stress, frustration, things seems bleak. But when it’s going gets tough, tough gets going…

It’s indeed a life challenge to rise from such circumstances in life to face each day with confident, hope and faith.

The Day After speaks hope and faith beyond the circumstances we are in. It’s how we response to every hundles, obstacles, shortcomings we faced.

With that, I try to achieve that in my 2nd album.

So yes, I actually dropped the title tomorrow to avoid confusion and make the name more cooler. Yea... 

I hope you will enjoy the songs from the album =)


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