It's been 4 years since this album has been launch...

Eversince then, the album journey has been incredible. Ups and downs, meeting new friends, seeing how people are blessed and at the same time, being blessed by them.

The heart of THIS ROAD is about journey in life. Life is full of decision and sometimes we need a step of faith to make decisions as it shape every aspect of our life.

The album has very much chronicle my heart as I learn the journey in life and hope it encourage people at their point of their life as they go through it.

My favourite song is still gotta be "Lost in love/amazing grace". One of the first song I recorded for the album, it pretty much set the tone for the album. God's grace is always enough for us even when we feel we are so inadequate. I remember writing this song.. right after my devotion time.. reflecting how God's grace has brought me this far in life.. and indeed it still does.

That's why till today this song is still special in my heart.

Anyway, a big thank YOU firstly to God, for without Him, none of this is possible. Secondly to everyone out there.. family, friends, fans... your life have been a blessing and inspiration to me. Thank you all for your encouragement throughout this journey.

Cheers. Here's to more albums and songs :)


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