my birthday wish 2014....

Thank you all for making this year’s birthday fun and awesome.

I suddenly wished everyday it's my birthday.. because you all have made it awesome in your own beautiful ways.

I am not sure why FB notified you all a day earlier about my birthday so on the eve of birthday, I already received so many wishes. 

Anyway, I appreciate your wishes a lot and it means to me, that’s why I take the effort to reply each one of you. It always that time of the year where I received lots of messages on various platform.

Thanks for the cakes as well. Love them!

So many people to thank... so one big love to you all!

Prior to my birthday, I admit I struggle with the questions of what is next for me. The thing about living life with God, it’s always an adventure. The more I asked sometimes, the more I find myself trusting in God. That’s what has been driving me on. That’s what has made my life interesting over the past few months.

Recently I was with a wise man and he was asked a question by a friend of mine about what he thinks about life and the things that happening in the world. He just simply answered “without God, we are just hopeless”. 

Simple yet profound.

True, without Him, our life is a mess. Look at the world today, we can say all we want about every issues out there, but truth to be told, we need God. That’s the bottomline.

There’s so many negativity out there… especially here on social media honestly. Sometimes it saddens me to read how much “pain” you guys going through whether in schools, relationships, work or life. I want to say no matter who you are, believe me that you are actually better than the circumstance. Don’t waste your energy on negativity, it’s never worth it. Things come and go, including negativity. We just need to be positive and persevere. We cannot be perfect.. yup.. I will make mistakes and do things that I regret but life is a never ending lesson.

That’s my birthday wish for you all. Each one of you can make a difference in the world. You don’t need to be like Bono or Mother Teresa-que figure to be a difference. Just be who you are. Be that shining light in your home, schools, office and nation.

Again, let me say....

Can't resist using his face. Sorry Mr and Mrs Sio Yean but your son's expression is just priceless.

Much love. 


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