20 facts of TiML!M

Was tagged to do this 20 facts game by a few friends on instagram.. So here we go..

1. I am the eldest in the family
2. Born in an awesome town called Ipoh
3. Favourite soccer team is Manchester United and been their fan since 10 years old
4. Speak fluent English and BM, can converse in Cantonese while my Mandarin and Hakka is kindergarten level. I cannot read or write any Chinese dialect.
5. I started to learn guitar when i was 12 years old
6. I can play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. So my life’s regret is to never pick up piano when i was young
7. First band that i like was MLTR
8. Hate horror movies
9. I am a big fan of Kamen Rider, super sentai and power rangers. I still watch them
10. I am a big Marvel comics fan
11. Favourite color : red, green, blue
12. 12 is my favourite number because it is my birthdate
13. I actually would favour western food over asian food
14. I worked in BERNAMA, a local news agency before for 3 months as part of the industrial attachment. So ya, had the chance to meet local politicians, sportsmen, artists in person
15. I have visited most of the Malaysian states except Terengganu and Perlis
16. I represented my primary school in chess and handball tournaments
17. If i am eating rice, i never like to eat it dry. I would pour soup or sauce over it.
18. I hate vanilla. Never give me anything vanilla eg ice cream or cake
19. Coffee lover
20. In case you forget, i have two solo albums — “this road” & “the day after”

Thank you for reading this but unfortunately you are tagged to do this 20 facts challenge. LOL. It’s fun, help us all to know each other better. You can do it here on fb or on instagram (because i originally got this tag from Instagram.. Lolz)



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