June has arrived!!

June has arrived!

Time flies (well, nothing to do with clocks being thrown out of the window) and here we are at mid-point of the year. It's my favourite month and definitely there's a lot to look forward to, not just this month but months and years to come.

By the way, 14th June and 30th June, i will be out performing. One at Merdekarya and one at Barlai. There's more to come so stay tuned for more info. Yea, just when I was about click "send" for this post, another invitation flew in, which i will update again once more details are given. Haha.

Yup, the updates will always be at my fb music page. Meanwhile, enjoy the life that you have been given. Treasure each moment 😉‪#‎timlimproject‬ ‪#‎malaysianmusic‬


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