2017 gig lookback pt 1

I know we have 3+ more months to go but I am doing this post to give thanks and to look forward.

2017 have been crazy and really enjoyed every moment of it. I think I did more gigs than years before, and I always believe it's all God-given opportunities. I never thought all this is possible but I always grateful for every opportunities that comes. All I need to do is to grab and make the best out of it.

Grateful as well for the many people I met in all these gigs. Many became good friends.

Here are the pictures on FB for the lookback 2017
I want to say thank you for all your support and love in 2017.

Personal appeal that please never miss a chance to witness me performing live. It's not boasting but it's all about having fun together and sharing life together. That being said, don't miss out in the future.Your presence do make the gigs more happening =)

2018 will be awesome, so stay tuned for gigs details here or my blogspot site.

Pic credits : my wife Audrey Chan, Navin Daniel, Ian Tai and other various sources


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