2017 recap

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2017 have been an interesting yet wonderful year, in terms of my music project.

Looking back, I realized this year I actually performed a lot in public platform.

I looked at it as a blessings from God because I had opportunities to meet new friends and share what my life is all about. I actually kinda amazed by their responses and all of these are valuable encouragement to me. In fact, each venue I’ve been have always brought new lessons for me.

I am happy with what I achieve this year. Apart from playing in various venues, i had the opportunity to witness other people singing the song I wrote, having my songs on podcast and laying foundation for more of my songs to be broadcast or stream online.

I am not resting on my laurels yet because there is so much to improve and learn.

But nevertheless, so much to give thanks and so much to look forward.

Can’t wait to share with you that 2018, there’s exciting things coming up. This means i need a lot of your prayers and support. So, please stay connected with my music project social media updates so you don’t miss out.

Huge cheers to you all for a great 2017. Next year will be awesome!

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