album photoshoot

On 9th-10th May 2009 weekend, I had my photoshoot for the album project.

First round of shooting was Saturday morning, 9th May. Wokeup as early as 7am to get to the shooting location so we can get the early glimpse of sunlight. 

Second round was done on Sunday night. We found this awesome place to shoot and honestly, we shot a lot here compare to Saturday morning. Ideas just poured in the late night setting of KL town...did a lot of shots with various angles and lightings..had fun doing this night shots.

Hopely we can put up some shots we took here. The best shots of course, is reserved for the album cover. At least, there are some pictures to give you an idea what we did and get you excited about the album as well.

Credit to Cedric and Garry for their work and time. I appeciate their dedication and work a lot. Had lots of fun in the process as we strived to find the best shots for the album design.

In other development, it's 100% or should i say 110% confirmed that the first album launch will be on 9th September 2009 at Faith Christian Centre, Sunway. More information will be released but for now, circle that date on your calendar :)

O well, the countdown is on...


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