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As I countdown towards my album launch, i love to share with everyone a few songs that inspired me to compose songs, influence my album's music direction, songs made me ponder about my life and my relationship with God and shaped me as I start this journey. All in all, I ms sharing some songs that helped to spark that fire that leads me to embark on this solo project..

There are a lot of songs..but I picked 5 to make it more orderly.

1) Nick Carter's Help Me
This is one of the song when i first heard it, inspired me as a young person growing up facing challenges in life. It also made me realize we humans always given choices in life, making decisions that could change our life, coming at crossroads. Thus, that inspired the name of my album, THIS ROAD.

At the end of the day, you cant help but to look to God and seek His direction. It is written in PSALM 119.105 - Your word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path.

Music-wise, it has influenced me...I m a big BSB fan and then Nick came out with his debut solo album few years ago which is more of pop-rockish. This song was his first single and when i first listen to it when i was young, i can't help but to play this song many times. I enjoyed and love this song a lot...till today if I listen to it again, i still love it very much. Lyrics-wise, it inspired me to compose a few songs like this that ponders about life and decisions we face everyday. We do make good decisions or bad decisions...given choices which are tough to choose. At the end, being imperfect makes us seeking help from above.

2) Jeremy Camp - Walk By Faith
This song largely influence me in terms of musically and spiritually. It also influenced the direction of the album as well. Anyway, I m a big fan of Jeremy Camp for his worshipful songs/lyrics.

I remember this song spoke to me few years ago when i was in the middle of my University days. I was wondering about my future career, my future family, the same time, I had many questions in my mind like why i m studying in this place..why i m doing this and that etc. At the end of the day, it brings me back to God where the message is straight away.. walk by faith. Trust Him. Submit to Him everything.

I remember there's a bible verse that goes, faith without action is dead and there is also another verse that goes, with faith you can move mountains. Such encouragement made me to have this habit to walk my life with faith. It's not an easy process or an overnight thing to do, but i learn it slowly and gradually.

This song also inspired me to compose a few songs about trusting Him and putting our faith in Him. I remember one day as i walk home from University, God put this thought in my heart and i compose a song that speaks of my trust in putting my hope in God. One of it is entitled HOPE which you can hear through the TL preview.

3) Switchfoot - Meant to Live
This is the song, i think, that push Switchfoot into the limelight. I first heard it and i thought it is one awesome rocking song. Then few months later, i heard it was attached to the soundtrack of Spiderman 2...which made me relate to the song ever more. Spiderman 2 is one of the few movies that touched me a lot. In that movie, Peter Parker has to juggle so many responsibilties..from being a good nephew, a good friend, a good boyfriend, a good student and being a superhero at one go. He struggle through that process because he feels sometimes no one understands him even though he does a lot of short, he cares for others more than himself sometimes. That human side of him speaks to me a lot.

A lot of us tend to juggle many responsibilties and sometimes we feel no one can understand us. We easily get tired and emotionally drained. We run the rat race but actually there is more than what we are living for. Hence, this song indeed inspired me to realize we are meant to live for so much for in this life, not just enjoying the world but there is something more. Things in the world are temporary but let's strive for something that last forever.

Phillipians 3:14 - I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.

4) Reuben Morgan - World Through Your Eyes
This song has inspired me in terms of musically and spiritually as well. To me, the message is direct, to understand situation beyond what we see, to know that God has a reason for everything. Our world is so imperfect but in God's eyes, His marvelous plan works for us..even though sometimes we humans tend to wonder how it's gonna happen. Thus, this inspire me to trust Him.

5) Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
A song that largely inspired me to really step out from my comfort zone and do the best in my life. I remember this song alot because when i was leaving my hometown for studies, the youths put together a tribute video using this song. The video was funny..haha..i still have it by the way. Anyway, seriously, the song indeed touched me to reach out my courageous and bold. Sometimes we tend to worry about obstacles and bumps along the way..but life is about learning.

Like I said earlier, there are plenty more other songs but this 5 largely I feel inspired me. Anyway, I do hope this sharing does give you an idea how the music direction and songs will sound.

As i m typing this, ya, we are like 2 months++ away from the album launch. More stuff and info would be out soon. Pretty excited about it. But do keep TL project crew in prayer and do support us.

Much love. =)

* Do feel free to go to Youtube or search for the albums of the songs mentioned and look through their lyrics if possible so you will understand my explaination better.
* This sharing was runned in a series in my personal blog which you can refer to it as well. This is just a complilation of that series.


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