2 months to 090909

Yes...we are still counting down towards the September launch of the album!! Yes...we are edging closer and closer to the date..

Everything is set and everyone is working hard behind the scene to make this whole project a sucess..so do keep us all in prayer. We hope there will be a huge turnout for the night and from a rough count, looks likely it will be..!! Anyhow, mark on your calendar - 090909 - the album will be out by then!!

At the meantime..here are a few things to point out..

* TL project is finally on MySpace. Add us and promote us using this site. www.myspace.com/timlimproject is where you can go!!

* We will be having pre-sales for the album in August!! You can make your orders for the album through this pre-sales and once it is officially launched, you can collect them. Further details will be release about the pre-sales soon..so hold your horses first..

Alright people...we will try to update you as much as possible over here. At the same time, do help us in promoting the launch and the album!!

Much love.


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